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  1. Do you blindly believe everything that you find by googling?? even I can say i'm a follower of swami raghavendra and post an article according to my understanding.. let's say to my understanding i say "swami raghavendra was not burried alive. he was mummified first and then only they burried him. and after a few days the mummy came alive and still is living until now".. will you believe that too?.. and you will start bashing me because in your opinion and understanding how can they mummify a saint/guru!! let me ask you this.. if your guru asks you to burry him alive, will you question him?? will you argue with him telling saints should not be burried alive and since you are asking me to do so, you must be a fake guru?! you think you know better than your guru? is this how you surrender to a guru? Do you think GOD has no power to make his dear devotee alive even in a Tomb after thousands of years?.. do you think GOD has no power to prevent his dear devotee's body from rotting? You said "I just find it hard to believe that someone can live underground for centuries. He was buried alive in the 16th century, so he's been living underground for all these centuries? That's so hard to believe." you are talking like an Atheist despite claiming yourself an Iyer! We wouldn't know for sure whether he is still alive or not. whether his body is still fresh or rotten. stories can chnage by time and the things we are hearing won't be 100% true.. maybe some very faithful followers of swami raghavendra do not like the idea of him being dead and prefer to believe that he is still living in the tomb.. and that is out of true love and devotion of course.. How can you make a judgement based on that???? what we can know or atleast learn from his life journey is that he never did anything like what Sathya Sai Baba is doing now! he lead a true saintly life! can't you just compare and come to a conclusion with that? p/s: i am not being defensive or angered. it is just that somethings have to be told as how they should be told to make different types of persons to understand. Btw, it is not wrong anyway if someone is angered as the way you are asking questions is in such a manner!
  2. Dear brothers and sisters, I found this as well on youtube and would like to hear what vaishanavas have to say. p/s: sorry wrong link was pasted here earlier.. i've chnaged the URL! regards, hare krishna
  3. Dear brothers and sisters, I found this on youtube and would like hear what vaishanavas have to say. regards, hare krishna
  4. Hi, http://www.tierramerica.net/2000/1126/acent.html wonder how true this is...
  5. Dear Prabhus... thank you very much for the prompt replies... really appreciate it /images/graemlins/smile.gif so for this age polygamy is not recommended. ok. but i still need an evidence (i mean from vedas or puranas)to show that polygamy is/was not illegal in hinduisme and wat are the rules of carrying out polygamy the correct way..and on what reasons polygamy is allowed. thank you very much...
  6. Dear Respected Devotees, I am really confused with polygamy and its role in human society. First of all I need to make sure if Sanathana Dharma/Hinduisme allows polygamy. Do vedas really allow polygamy? some weeks back some of my friends and I were discussing about this. some of them are girls. I remember reading some articles where Srila Prabhupada stated men are allowed to have more than one wife but under certain conditions. So i told the girls about this. and they couldn't take it. as normal hindus they doubt if sanathana dharma/hinduisme allows polygamy. They even argue saying that..if polygamy is allowed in vedas...why womens do not have the same rights, that is to have more than one husband?...why is there such discrimination? and another thing they asked me...will you allow your wife to marry another man?...if you couldn't stand your wife having relationship with another women, how can you expect that your wife to accept you marrying another woman? and another thing they try to emphesize... how can you share your love to your wife with another woman?...won't it mean that you are faking your love? I couldn't answer this. Need enlightment on this please. Thank you.
  7. the brahma kumaris must have felt that they've temporarily lost contact with 'God' that time.. *not being sarcastic here but trying to be aware of the real situation, no offences pls* i think i'm starting to understand what Bhakti really is and why it holds the highest level in yoga system...
  8. thanks Theistji... /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  9. PAMHO Dandavats to all Just when I thought I've came to a conclusion that 'GOD' is a person...another mind bogling question just entered my brain to drive me crazy...and that is: Do 'I' the 'Atman/jiva' has a form? or am 'I' just all pervading 'light/consciousness'?
  10. *PAMHO* I would like to know about Siddhashram. Would appreciate if somebody explain to me... thank you.
  11. <font color="blue">PAMHO</font> And what was the reply?
  12. thanx theist ji... i always appreciate ur replies...
  13. <font color="blue">PAMHO</font color> yes...the example is very good... to my understandings, Dhritarastra didn't get any benefit out of the upadesham because he is not fully surrendered to the lotus feet of the lord...while Arjuna surrendered...and it made the difference... Dhritarastra was blinded by maya...and so was Arjuna(family attachement), but somehow he surrendered and realised the truth... so I really believe one has to surrender whole heartedly first to get realization...be as humble as can be... if not you cannot know god even if he stands in front of you and speaks the Gita himself... but some people may argue, they may argue "how can I surrender without knowing the truth?"...reasonable question! hope devotees could shed some light...
  14. <font color="blue">PAMHO</font color> gHari and Krishna Prabhu I have not seen this picture before....the Bhagavad Gita i'm having does not contain this pic...thanks Krishna prabhu for this pic... can i get more info on the 9 devotional services?...thx
  15. <font color="blue">PAMHO</font color> Dear respected Devotees, I would like to know if one can practice both Bhakti Yoga & Dhyana Yoga...
  16. <font color="blue">PAMHO</font color> Great job prabhu! I hope many will benefit from your effort..
  17. thanx for the info... did Srila Prabupada talked on this anytime before? how could wearing the three lined tilak be an offense? Saivites are devotees of a great devotee of lord krishna... they are following Lord Shiva... will check on 'Nectar of Devotion '...thanx
  18. i got 9/13...very bad knowledge more pls...
  19. <font color="blue">PAMHO</font color> hi, I would like to know more about tilak. Why is it in that shape?.... Why does Lord Shiva's tilak is different?
  20. It is always relieving to discuss things with you guys... Thanks for assuring me that i'm not alone in this... I feel better to know it is a common feeling... Please bless me....
  21. <font color="red">PAMHO</font color> Today I don't think I want to ask anything... I just want to share my feelings here & want to know if anybody here feels the same...and also seeking advice that can help... I think i'm having problem to love or to show love...It doesn't mean that i'm wicked hearted...no, not at all...it's just that I feel i'm not loving anybody fullhearted even my parents....I like my parents,my family relatives, friends etc... but when I try to show it...for example I buy card for my mother on Mothers Day...I think i'm not doing it out of love...it's just more like responsibility...Maybe i'm too afraid of attachments...because of this I feel like i'm only pretending... but when I'm watching any sentimental movies or very touching tv programs, devotional movies like Annamayya, tears will roll down my cheeks... Anyone similar here?
  22. yes yes yes....at last I found www.photobucket.com
  23. hi, theistji & vanamali mataji...wasn't online last two days...just checked ur replies... <hr color="green"> the karmic interactions really are beyond our comprehension. We can understand the most basic workings of the law but the details?...never. <hr color="green"> very true theistji...The lord works in a very mysterious way...isn't he?...whenever I come across this mysterious situations, I will feel this urge to question this happenings...that is how I will end up posting here... <hr color="red"> Perhaps they committed some crime to another which they are now paying for, which after the debt is paid they may resume their with more normal births. Some say that souls sometimes take on such harsh births as being crippled or extreme poverty as an aid in some way to help them surrender more to the Lord. Makes a certain sense but who knows for sure. <hr color="red"> I feel the same too..."suffering" is the punishment and "surrendering" is the reward... <hr color="blue"> sure, they are being asked to do a lot of things that they are not capable of. Life would be hard for them. Sri Krishna does not ask impossible things of people. Their next birth will definitely be much easier, I'm sure <hr color="blue"> Krishna has great plans for them !?....come to think of it I feel very ashamed of myself...the lord is doing his duty very well....but being part and parcel of him, i am here in this world forgetting my duties and trying to fulfill my mundane desires!!!
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