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  1. Hi everyone, My name is Amit. My rashi is Simha rashi. I am right now going through Sade-sati. I have researched and found that I am going through the second phase of Sade-sati and going to enter in the third phase around sept 2009. I am currently experiencing tremendous pain, stress, disturbance economically, mentally and physically. The first phase was actually very good. I came to US for my Master's in Aug 2004. Those 2.5 years went good. I earned degree and got job instantly in Dec 2006. After that next 2 years also went good till Dec 2008. I went back to India for engagement and when I returned I lost my job after one week. Till from then, I am experiencing huge pain and stress. I am still not finding project here. I have sold out everything, lost too many money in every selling. Now no money, no job, very much stressed, worried about future and too much of responsibility from my family. After too much of disappointment I have decided to go back to India. Can anyone tell me any predictions regarding my career? When I will see good time? Date of birth: 28 Nov 1980 Time: 20:10 Place: Pune, India Rasi:Simha Nakshatra: Magha Lagna rasi: Mithun
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