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  1. Dear Friends On this platform of forum we are all materialistic human in nature at present with all type of earthen qualities (impurities ! ) like belongings selfishness greed anger hunger(food-body) etc. ! With this mind it is impossible to think about the supreme power or person all our brain capacity exhausted for above said qualities ! this brain could not able to visualize beyond it. Have anyone here have experienced or feel more then three dimensions ! When our brain will capable to experience and feel dimensions beyond all three ! Then we will be qualified to know that supreme power-person. And mind well those who have attained this will never feel need to describe supreme to others because all earthen qualities already abolished within him. ! no love no hate no beloved-belongings ! Just Nirvana ! All those who have followers-chelas-bhaktas are wondering with those earthen impurities. Every action has reaction ! whether good or bad ! their is no forgiving no favoring no little or big no friends or foes ! All these tales-talks and rules are their brain child ! If one has known to supreme will never try to intervene or interrupt within supreme's work and cycles ! Everybody must need to make efforts to knows and reach Supreme by himself only there is no via and behalf short cuts !. Hari OM
  2. Dear Friends Going thru this thread it seems that our western friends have won the Death ! and having all knowledge about who has -why-how made this universe ! by their absolute efforts and not from mythology of angels and prophets ! Hari Om
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