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    Sri Srardha Samrakshana Narayanan Temple - Nenmeli












    This temple is located near Chengalpet and the place where the temple is found is called as "Nenmeli".

    The Perumal of this sthalam is called with the thiru Naamam - "Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal". The Utsavar of this temple is "Sri Srardha Samrakshana Narayanan".

    Specialties of this sthalam :



    1. It is said the Perumal himself performs Srardham (a custom which is done for our Pithrus after they are dead) to our Pithrus, if we could not perform it. That's the reason why the Perumal of this sthalam is called with Thiru Naamam - Sri Srardha Samrakshana Narayanan.
    2. The Maha Lakshmi Salagramam, which is found in the Moolavar Sannadhi, is said to be so powerful and sacred and by worshipping this, we are blessed by Maha Lakshmi with wealth, health and Sakala Sowbhagyam.
    3. The sthalam is called with the name "Pundareega Nallur" (Pindam vaiththa Nallur) and is considered sacred and is equivalent to Gaya and Kasi.
    Sthalapuranam :

    The place where the temple is situated once was under the kingdom of Arcot Nawab. And, in this kingdom, lived an aged couple - Yagna Narayana Sharma and Sarasavani. Yagna Narayana Sharma had a Guru - Yagnya Valkiyar, who belonged to Suklaya jeer Vedam. Yagna Narayana Sharma worked as a Diwan in the Nawab kingdom and both he and his wife Sarasavani had a great bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan.

    Because of bhakti, the money, which they wanted to pay to the Nawab, was spent towards Deiva Kainkaryam. And as a result of this, they both were ordered to be prisonned. But they don't want to accept the punishment and thought they spent the money only for good needs and for Deiva Kainkaryam. So, they went towards the Pushkarani of Thiruvedenthai Divyadesam and let their death happen in the Pushkarani.

    But after their death, both of them were worried that they didn't have any children to perform the Srardham for them. It is Bhagavan Sriman Narayanan who knows all of his Bhaktas thoughts and He fulfills them. And, He himself performed the Srardham, Thithi for the couples and even today the first theertham is given to the family members of Yagna Narayana Sharma and Sarasavani. And even today, the Perumal himself perform Srardham for the people, who doesn't have son or anyone else to perform and it is done during the time from 12 noon to 1.00 pm.

    And people who want to perform Srardham in this temple can join during the time of Pithru poojai by making the Sangalpam and dedicating it to the Perumal. The Neivedhyam done for this Perumal is Ven pongal (or) curd rice and along with it, Perandai + Yel Thuvayal is dedicated and the Perumal accepts it with full of kindness.

    The Pithru Poojai, which is performed during Amavasai and Ekadesi thithi, is said to equivalent to that of the Srardham that's being performed in Gaya.

    In this temple, a precious and sacred Sri Maha Lakshmi Salagramam is found and by worshipping this Salagramam will give us not only the Grace of Sri Lakshmi but also with lots of raise in our life, business etc.

    Contact :

    Sri Sampath Bhattacharyar,

    Brahmana street,

    Nenmeli and post,

    Via Nandham, Chengalpat - 603002.

    Kanchipuram District.

    Ph : 27420053.



    A Small correction.The pitru karma is Shraadam and not Shrardam.It means karma to be performed with Shraddha


    Hello All,


    Can anyone please post here a working and time-tested mantra for better concentration (keeping mind under control)? I would be obliged if someone also posts a mantra for better learning practices and knowledge acquirement.

    Further, i would also like to sincerely request an optimum powerful mantra to please Goddess Saraswati.


    With Best Regards,


    God Bless All!!


    Om Namah Shivaya!!



    You can recite the sloka from 4th chapter of Devi Mahaatmya m or Chandi path :Yaa devi sarva bhuteshu Smirthi roopena samsthitha

    Namsatasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah: for 108 times


    I am facing huge problems in my marriage and with in-laws who are trying to break up our marriage. There are also problems with children.


    I male, and I am born on 10 December 1968 at 0113 hours Bombay (local time, not IST).


    I will be grateful for any advice. Please reply!


    Currently you are undergoing Venus dasa/Mercury Bhukthi.Venus is disposed in Capricorn where now transit Guru,your 7th lord will move.There is no cause for alarm as things will move in your favour though your seventh house is afflicted heavily due to saturn/Rahu combination.Please feed cows on fridays and try to visit Devi temples on fridays praying for relief




    I would like to know how to really do a basic Homa or how to do a Gayatri Homa.Is a Homa like doing Agnihotra?.Can you do a Homa when a relative has died?


    Thanks :)


    If a close relative from a paternal side dies the aashoucha would be there for 13 days.Depending on the nature of relationship.Secondly Gayathri homa is only for Brhmacharis


    After my graduation i am taking care of our new home construction , where one day crows were about to kill a little mouse and i just saved that mouse from them..later onwards whenever i go to our plot a crow comes and strikes on my shoulder...First i didnt mind about that but it started happening whenever i go to our plot that too in terrace place alone..it happened around 4 to 5 times and it still continues even now at that place only..but it doesnt happen near by my home..i cant predict it whether its a symbol of bad sign or do i have to do the same thing what has been already posted..please do reply..Thank you..



    I saw your post.Basically everybody here have rightly suggested remedies for alleviating the effects of Saturn.However in your case I need to counsel you that what you did in saving the mouse could have been avoided as the Crows were devouring their food.You could have been indifferent as Mahabharatha is replete with such type of stories.Even Upanishads also contain a story of Ekadha,Dvidha and Tridha where they were going on Pushpak viman and saw something similar to what you mentioned and they took sides except Tridha who alone completed his journey as he remained indifferent to the same as it did not concern him.These are all subtle dharmas.Iam sorry if I have offended you by criticising your action

  6. Dear Soul 300,

    First ley me assure you that stars only indicate and not dictate.Next astrologers have been forbidden to startle anyone with death predictions.Even if it is indicated,the astrologer can only subtly hint that the times may be difficult.Also as I mentioned in one of the threads,the science is now mostly handled as a profitable profession by charlatans who would invariable fail.So do not worry.Our best wishes and prayers are with you

  7. While I appreciate your quyeries,there is also certain criteria for astrologers to follow.Most of them professing to be cannot fit in.


    Fiorst the astrologer should be of very upright andf morally strong.


    He should be a upasaka.


    He cannot demand prescribed fees and accept whatever is offered,

    Also he cannot be seeing many persons in a day.


    He is called a daivagana who is supposed to speak on behalf of his upaasya murthi who is supposed to give the orders thro him.


    By ardent tapsya he needs to cultivate intuition..

    Astrology whether it is KCD,Vimsottari or prashna all demand deep intuition because astrology is not just application of mathematical formulae as quantification is very difficult.A same bhava has sevral portfolios assigned.For instance in a female horoscope 8th house stands for mangalya as well as longivity.How to assess is where his intuition comes to play.


    I have tried to answer with my limited knowledge.I request other astrlogers of this forum to shed light


    dear forum mates,

    i would like to admit that i have vitiligo a rare skin diseases that makes u loose the skin pigment and the skin turns into white. Michael jackson also had vitiligo so he did the skin surgery and i have every intention of curring it now or in the future, so please help me on this please suggest me yoga, herbs or any ways to cure it. will wait for the response



    Please take homeopathic treatment and avoid taking tomatos and lime and citrus fruits.It will get cured if it is in beginning stages


    Dear Pandits and Gurus,


    I am just curious about exalted Shani in Libra lagna. I have Shani in the first house along with Mars. My rasi is Capricorn. Normally, exalted Shani in lagna should be good to the natives, but this year I have suffered a lot from both health, income, profession.


    One astrologer suggest me to pray for Shani and stop wearing black until my birthday, which just passed by two days ago. Though Shani being also yogakaraka, a few pandits suggest me not to wear Blue Sapphire and to wear diamond instead.


    I am just wondering the significant of Shani in my situation of why it has malefic effect on me and why Blue Sapphire will not suit me as much as it should have.


    Please throw me some light on this as I am learning astrology and from many books I have read, Shani should be the best planet on my chart. I am wondering why it acts the opposite. Thanks all the gurus in advance.


    DOB: 15 July 1984

    Time of Birth: 14.11

    Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand



    While Ashtama shani is one factor,the most important factor is association with the Maha badhakaadhipati,Mars for Capricorn.Shani becomes powerless and also the transit to Kanya may also be not very helpful.Please go around Peepul tree on saturdays where a deity of Ganesh or Hanuman is installed for 21 times.You may get some relief.


    I shall analyse and let you know by the end of the day



    I analysed your chart.Though Jupiter is in 6th,the navamsa position is in Dhanus,his moola trikona.Jupiter is almost at the end of Aries.Probably a late delivery or precautions may have to be taken so that your would be wife has a safe delivery.The sign dispositor also takes the navamsa of Jupiter,hence do not worry.There is no major problem.




    i need help from respected senior members...


    My dob : 23-Dec-1976

    Time : 5.00 A.M

    PLACE : Aruppukottai, Tamilnadu,india.


    As my 5th lord(jupitor) is placed in 6th place. Is it make puthrudosam?..

    Please look at my horo in raasi and Navamsa...


    Give me your opinion..



    I shall analyse and let you know by the end of the day

  12. Mantras are not to be treated lightly or trifled with.I agree .Mantras lose the potency if we just treat it casually.Any mantra or vidya learnt without a Guru is akin to begetting a son thro illegal means,Shastras proclaim.Whhen all this knowledge is given by Shastras,we cannot discard or disregard shastras here and use our discretion.It would only mean that we are not sincerely following shastras


    Thank You ...Webyogi ji .Problem in my skin skin is that whole of my body is haveing Red Iching Pimples and Rashes ...I been to so many Dockters so far but none of them is able to trace my exact problem ..thas why i come to this forum to seek astro guidence.. Webyogi ji please sugest me best stone for health :crazy:


    Please take a lot of pomegranate juice and also use lot of bittergourd in food without adding tamarind.Also try to take lot of barley water to reduce heat in body.That would help you.For Rahu/Budha regular chanting of Vishnu saharanamam would help


    Dear suvarchas ji


    Thanks for replying here below are my details


    31st december 1983








    Dear Swapnil,

    By and large Saturns transit in Kanya would give you good results pertaining to ancestral property as his ashtavarga in Kanya is very strong.But a word of caution is that initially a set back in office cannot be ruled out as he also is badhakdhipathi for Vrishabhalagna.If unmarried Rahus subperiod in Ketu dasa can mean wedding bells to you.The good results are likely to hhappen after his retro gade motion in Kanya and after he resumes direct motion.

  15. Dear vandana,

    I went thro your chart.Your chart has some dosha due to diposition of Mars in 8th from lagna.You may please visit Malai mandir on Tuesdays and worship Karthikeya bhagwan and also you are likely to get married in the second half of 2010 or early 2011 when Jupiter would transit Pisces.


    You are likely to get a job in Govt departments related to judiciary


    It is not always that the sufferings come/increase because the old karmas are burnt away. I have seen in my lifetime many cases of sadhakas being afflicted by various types of problems, including madness, after they started Srividya Upasana. One reverred elder (who is no more) who was a Srividya Upasaka told me that it is a very risky matter; he likened it to the state of an army jawan in the battlefield and told me that such Srividya Upasana which is essentially Tantric (not vaideeka) is supposed to be very secret and not intended to be given to anyone and everyone. Any small mistake in any aspect of observation of the rituals and more especially the "shuddhi" that is required, cannot be ensured by most people who are having office work or other jobs. He used to discourage even putting up Srichakra picture in the pooja room without all the required observances. The only thing he allowed was Rajarajeswari/Lalitha's picture and the recitation of Lalithambal Sobhanam (Tamil) by the women of the house and other ordinary sthothras.


    He used to decry even the recitation of Lalitha Sahasranamam en masse or loudly and by females. Nowadays, however, all such stipulations have been thrown to the winds and many self-styled gurujis give Srividya upadesam to several people with the result that this Vidya which was reserved for the extremely few qualified people, has become very commonplace, so to say. Probably Shakti does not tolerate that.


    As an example, the above-cited elder told me once that the "Bhagavathi Seva" which is very common in Kerala, is to be completed within some 'yaamam' of the night; after this time, the deity becomes "ugraroopini" and usually does not give beneficial results. He advised me to avoid attending such Bagavathisevas if the priest is in the habit of allowing the function to extend, say beyond, 8.30 P.M. due to the (then emerging) practice of several people singing before the Arathi is performed.


    Thus one has to be very careful with Srividya Upasana and it should not be equated with the Bhakti sampradayam. That is my humble view. There are, of course, very many other ways of doing Bhakthi of Devi.

    You are quite right.Even inthese forums lot of self styled persons write and give mantras to everybody freely without ascertaining their genuineness.Srividhya and other Tantra upasanas are not for all and sundry


    Is any bad effect of venus ,in 12th house(in Sagittarius) ,assendent is Capricorn and specially for female birth chart?what's the effect of the venus on marriage or marriage life?and what's the remedies?

    Venus in 12th house for females is said to be excellent by classical texts.The nature of results would vary depending on the nature of signs.However it need not cause any worry.Some more cannot be explained being a public forum.If need be please send me a personal message


    d.o.b: 1 aug 1983

    time:12:45 pm

    place of birth:rawalpindi/pakistan

    place of living:karachi/pakistan




    hye all,

    plz help me in reading my chart and tell me whats wrong with it.


    my family is searching for a suitable groom since last 3 years but all the efforts are fruitless.proposals do come but at a very slow rate.people do come to see me like me and my family but never turn back.they even dont tell the reason for rejecting me.we are not in hurry but still things are hurting me badly.in 2008 i got attached to a guy ,he proposed me too and he showed his interest in me but in the end he decieved me and got married with some one else.now again i am considering a guy for marriage ,i am interested in him,we met in march 2009 and the dates are going on.we are similar in nature ,habbits ,goods and bads.he is also showing interest in me.i am also liking him but i am too much scared of this liking as i am getting attached with him day by day.


    plz let me know what are the chances?the guy is a very good friend of mine and we talk daily for hours and hours.we are meeting each other but my past is hurting me and i am scared that same thing will happen with me again.either he will decieve me or in the end he will reject me or my destiny will decieve me again and will left me in severe depression like i was in 2008.


    plz tell me will this affair work ?will it convert into marriage?

    when can i get married?and how will be my married life?



    First your chart shows a good marriage though it may face delays due to disposition of Mercury,the lord of 6th from Moon associated with the lord of 7th and from natal lagna, saturn is disposed in lagna who is aspecting moon.Though it causes delay,it will not deny.You will get married shortly.My best wishes to you




    Can anybody give solution to my problems?


    At present, I am facing lots of problems in my marriage as well as in career. I am in such a situation where neither my personal life nor my career is stable. The company where i am working is good. But I am not at all satisfied, as I dont have a job profile. I am not able to understand what to do? I am also trying for other job opportunities but not getting any good opportunity.


    DOB : 25/11/76 TOB : 09.09 am

    POB : Mumbai




    I wnet thro your chart.You are undergoing Rahu dasa with Mercury Subperiod with sat sub antara.Rahu is disposed in 11th ,the house of Veus who is also the lord of 6th who in turn is associted with Moon the lord of 8th.This period would be trying,but at the same time Mer also happens to be lord of 7th and 10th.Henec a good turn in officer is likely to happen as Mer the lord of 10th in Dasamsa is disposed in 9th in Dasamsa.You are also seeing lot of obstacles in life due to disposition of Ketu in 5th.Please worship Ganeshji by doing parikrama for 21 times on saturday.You would see better times.My best wishes to you.


    Dear Suvarchas ji


    Would also like to know effect on native with vrichik rasi vrishab lagna kumbha AL with ketu MD and Rahu AD (rahu in vrishaba lagna ketu in 7th with chandra and shukra) also shani in tula with mangal


    I am eagerly waiting for the transit too as from 2010 my ND of AL will commence






    Please give the full horoscope details for analysis

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