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  1. Namaste Sir, Please send me the Saram of Garuda Purana.
  2. Namaste sir please send me the copy of Garuda purana PDF file. Dhanyavaad Sampreet
  3. We have grown an Ashwath tree (as it is called in Kannada) or Peepal tree (English) in a bonsai pot. I request you to let me know whether I can perform puja to it or not. Please tell me the complete details regarding the Ashwath tree puja and also if it can be done to the one grown in a bonsai pot. Thank you.
  4. Thank you Kali Upasaka for the valuable information. I was searching for it since long time.
  5. I heard that there is a temple in Andhra Pradesh where Lord Shri Maha Vishnu is blessing the devotees in three forms- sitting posture, standing posture and sleeping posture. Can anybody let me know, where is this temple located and more details? I am from Karnataka. Thank You.
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