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  1. Can someone kindly show some insight into career and finance prospects for this year?
  2. it is my birthday today. can any guruji give me forecast of the year ahead? i was born on may 27 1980 at 2.30 pm in mumbai, india. I took a break from my job for 6 months due to health issues and now I am having difficulty getting a job. Is there any prospect for a job in near future? My husband who was born on 28 Apr 1976 , 11:21 pm in mumbai and I are also looking trying this year to settle abroad. Is there possibility of this working out? <!-- / message -->
  3. Birth date 7th Jan 1942 time before sunrise 3.30 am place mumbai
  4. Hello My mother-in-law who was born on 7th Jan 1942 before sunrise around 3.30 am is very unhappy these days due to her relatives. This question come from her, what can she do do get more peace of mind. kindly suggest any poojas, havans anything that will relieve her mind. She has been getting "taaviz's" in her house in different places and feels that someone is doing black magic on her.
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