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  1. Guruji, now i am in 36 ididne get nay thing in my carrer . i try to get a govt job. or a good pvt job i didbt get. now i am a verry bad finncial condition , i wish to go any gulf country , can get any chance, when will i become in a study condition. i have no house , can i build one.what is my field techinical or office job or any businees ,pls help me what i do to win TIME OF BIRTH-1.05 pm DATE OF BIRTH-enakulam PLACE OF BIRTH -ernakulam,Kerala,India SEX Your current status : working in a advocate office Educational background-dilpoma in elctronics and indusrtial safety Work Industry and current salary.5000/ office and field work Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember marred-2006-dec-04 baby bith-17-10-2007 Family background Father : not with us.. Mother : retd frm govt service. Brothers : elders not married Sisters : nil The information is required to crosscheck the birth details and its accuracy. Please expect replies in week ends only. thanks and regards lilly
  2. dear Swami, i am anil from kerala .pls help me .ihave not ina finacialy good status and not in a good job. some persons told me its amy astrolagical problem pls check the details date of birth-18-5-1973 time-1.05pm place -kerala,ernakulam star -anizaahm Now 36 years old.can i get chance to go abrod/or any chance to get a good job any where , what i do to overcome the crisis .pls help me Swamygi.i am married my wife star is Pooyam
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