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  1. My husbands 1) DOB 10 september 1976, time of birth 11:30 am pune 2)gender male location UAE 3)Engineer 4)marreid /1 son/ 3 elder sisters /1 younger brother /father expired at his(my hubby's)age of 16/mother housewife. short history: As father was expired at early age, my husband worked hard day and night and achieved good reputation in society.As a responsibilty he helped his younger brother to set up his career and family.But after settlement all his family members have pulled him down from his thrown and now saying that you have not done anything great. So now we are planning to setup our new buisness. Question: IS it suitable for him to do buisness? Because he is desperate for doing buisness. If required additional information my DOB 21 Feb 1979, 3:55 am pune
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