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  1. Dear Atul, Can u analyse my horoscope and tell me whether i can start business or keep working in IT industry heard from astrologers tht raghu and saturn will do harm beacuse of their positions in my horoscope. DOB :9-7-1979 time :10.26 am place : chennai Gender : Male Regards, Bala
  2. Dear gurus, Name : K balasubramaniam DOB : 9-7-1979 time : 10.26 am place : chennai . Need to know whether adhi yoga /parivartana yoga present in my horoscope. Can i start business ? regards, Bala
  3. Dear Gurus, Please find below the birth chart details. name : K Balasubramaniam DOB :9-7-1979 time :10.26 am place : chennai . Can i do business or will i be working for an organisation. any specific problems identified aprt from raghu - ketu dosha ( identified and sorted out ) . Regards, Bala
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