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  1. the funny thing is that my husband knows ray and kinda knoiws sri so he got in touch with her first, she emailed me to give me her new email addy, then i wrote a crazy long email and never heard back. ugghhh. oh well. what can i do?guess theres a reason for it right?
  2. ..b/c I lost your email addy! Mine is nspring@cellxion.com. Email me when you can and we shall discuss /images/graemlins/smile.gif then we can talk about shelter and sri,too.Hee,hee. Haribol, Nicole
  3. Sorry everyone I haven tbeen online in a long time. What could Sri have done to make you not like her? hmmm. Oh and I couldnt find her Bhajan tape on the shelter site. /images/graemlins/frown.gif oh well. I emailed her months ago and she never got back to me. blah. Nayways, gotta run but I didnt want you guys to think I was ignoring you!! Haribol! Nicole
  4. Haribol! I apologize that it took me so long to get back on here and reply. My husband is in the military and his spiritual master thinks its the best things for him. He discussed it with him before he joined.He see it exactly as you mentioned about Arjuna. We have to remember there are warrioe spirits,too! ThanX everyone! Nicole
  5. Anyone have any suggestions for a tomato sauce recipe for pasta with out any garlic or onions in it? i can't find any anywhere so i will have to start making it. also, if possible, a recipe that i could make a lot of in advance and either can or freeze. Thank you so much!! Haribol! Nicole
  6. yep, i have Kate's cd as well, she is definetly good as well. You HAVE to make sure you get Sri's sol CD and EP.She remakes Sive and Sandcastles on the CD and they are even more amazing! yes, the 2 shelter cds I was talking about was the bhajan and then the latest shelter cd: the purpose the passion, she plays back up guitar and sings on a few of the songs. I will have to check to see if they are still selling her tape on that board, i really want it. she has it for sale on her site (www.srimusic.com) but the site hasnt been updated in about 2 years so im thinking its not available anymore /images/graemlins/frown.gif its good to see a fellow sri and kate fan though.. did you get into 108 and shelter too? I was going to private message this to you but for some reason it wont let me.
  7. Yes, they rock so much!! I only wish I got into them while they were around. Have you listened to Sri's solo stuff? It's amazing too. Then her 2 cds with Ray and shelter are good too. Do you have her tape of Kirtan music? I can't find it anywhere and really want it! Shanti, Nicole
  8. Yes, Baby Gopal is one of my absolute favorite bands. Is it that noticeable? hee,hee.
  9. Haribol, I am clearing out and restocking my kitchen pantry and need your help. Where and/or how can I find extracts without alcohol (like vanilla)? Also are there any hidden alcohol ingredients in food? ( I mean calling alcohol by any other names?)
  10. I tried that link and it didn't work.. is it a devotee video? how can i get it? Haribol, nicole
  11. I just came back from the dr.s office and he told me i have low blood pressure. apparently i have always had low blood pressure but today it was REAL low: 88 over 65 i believe he said. anyways, do you guys know of anything i should be eating or doing to help regulate my blood pressure? any thing i should be avoiding? I am now 24 and have been vegetarian since i was 10 years old and vegan since i was 14. HELP!! Haribol
  12. Hari Bol! Since you were so helpful with my last post I was hoping you may help me again... I have a dilemna regarding Tulasi. Ever since I was given Tulasi she has not come off of my neck,but my husband has not been so lucky. He is in the US Air Force and they have rules regarding necklaces,they basically can not be seen. Every day he goes into work when he gets dressed he has to take Tulasi off and this upsets him and I very much. His Tulasi is three strands tightly wrapped around his throat so it is very noticeable but they said that he can wear long necklaces under his shirt, b/c they are not that noticeable. He has tried long tulasi necklaces but she gets caught and pulls at his cheast hair. (after all of that rambling) My question for you is: Do you have any suggestions of ways for me to make him another Tulasi to wear while he is at work that won't pull at his hair? Do the size of beads matter? Or the way I stringe them? Thank you so much in advance once again for your help. Please realize I do not mean to offend anyone with my posts, I am just very new and unexperienced...If I do offend you in anyway please od let me know though so I may learn from my mistakes! Thank you!!! Hari Bol! Your Servant, Nicole
  13. First off thank you everyone for replying! I live up in Northern Louisiana and the closest temple is about 4 hours away in Dallas,TX. That is where I will be going next month.So , no, there are not any devotees nearby for me to seak guidance or inspiration from, that's why I posted on here and I am so glad this message board exists. I need as much support and guidance from devotees as I can get, especially female devotees.I beg for your guidance. Thank you livinggentity for your instructions, the only thing is I am deeply sorry that I somehow came across as wanting to look fashionable at the temple. That is nowhere near the truth. I just want to make sure I do not offend anyone, this is my first time at a temple and I am not sure what to expect, I am just going by my books so I want to make sure everything is perfect. If I wanted to be materialistsic and fashionable I wouldn't be wearing a Gopi dress. and as for the jewelry, well I was told that a lot of the girls wear anklets so I was wondering if i needed to wear some there. Forgve me if these are all simple questions I ask and if I am mistaken, thats why I came on here so that I am not making those mistakes at the temple! I don't want to take anyting away form that day or the deities or the love of Krsna.As I said I am an extremely new devotee, so I basically know nothing comapred to probably all of you on this board who are much more advanced then I. Please forgive my false ego and help guide me. Thank you so much everyone. Any more advice you may have for my first time at the temple would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks again. Hari Bol!!! Shanti, Nicole
  14. Hari bol! I am going to a temple nearby for the first time since I have become a devotee and I am very nervous to say the least! I ordered a Gopi dress from Krishna culture and I was hoping someone could instruct me on how to wear it, I know i need to cover my head and all but how do I do so? How do i drape the fabric, or better yet, how do I wear the dress all together? I appreciate any help given. Thank you so much! Shanti, Nicole P.S. Can I wear my anklets and other jewelry to the temple? (besides my Tulasi obviously!)
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