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  1. Hi could someone please help me with when i am going to get married? I would really appreciate it... i'm really unsure and worried and i'd love the help. thank you Karishma Shah Ahmedabad, India 10/10/1990
  2. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. What exactly do you mean by meditation.. as in pray?
  3. Jai Jinendra My name is Karishma. I just want some confirmation that my career life will be alright? I am worried because I'm not sure what to do career-wise yet so I was hoping somebody can tell me that I will be alright. Also, is there a way I can know my isht devta and/or planets that are helping or hurting me. Thank you. Birth 10/10/1990 Birth Place: Ahmedabad, India Birth Time: 8:50 AM
  4. Thank you. That is a broad range of career paths, will I be set career- wise, and financially?
  5. Birth 10/10/1990 Birth Place: Ahmedabad, India Birth Time: 8:50 AM Hello, My name is Karishma. I have asked this question before but haven't gotten a clear answer. I am 18 years old and about to enter my 2nd year in college but I still have no idea what field to go into. Could you please help me?
  6. Thank you U. Sanjeeva Rao and webyogi. I appreciate it a lot! My family and I will continue praying.
  7. Dear, Kshama, You have definitely not offended me at all. In fact, you have helped a lot so thank you so much! That is the correct place. Thanks again.
  8. Dear WebYogi, Where would I be able to find longitude and latitude of Jher? Thanks
  9. My dad is almost 60 years old and has been suffering his whole life. Nothing seems to be getting better. We're in debt by LOTS and we still owe about 30,000+ to someone close to us. BOTH my parents pray everyday and are absolutely good, generous people.. always helping those in need. Nothing, in every way, seems to get better and this money problem is getting worse and worse. Please help my parents out, they are crying everyday. They always say to God "we are good people, why is this continuously happening to us?" Please, if you could, tell me when things will get better and what we should do to improve this situation. Thank you. Dad's date of birth: 11/26/50 Dad's time of birth: 8:05 AM Dad's place of birth: Jher, India
  10. Thank you for the response. However, those are three very different fields and this is confusing. I'm still very unsure. Could you be more specific please? I would appreciate it.
  11. I am currently in college but am very insure about what career path to take. I have not found an interest in any specific field yet and I need to choose soon. I would really appreciate any guidance. Birth 10/10/1990 Birth Place: Ahmedabad, India Birth Time: 8:50 AM
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