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  1. Unfortunatly, since it was about 14 years ago I no longer have contact with his friends and the company to which he worked no longer exists.When he died I moved away and went living to my grandparents house. Few years later I moved again and I’m living in another place. So… besides my mom there really is no other person to speak with…
  2. Oh yeah I totally agree with you on the reincarnation part. As for the part as remembering my past life being a good thing and serve as experience… Since what I remember took place long ago, when laws and stuff was very different… it is no longer a good thing to remember… you see I was kind of an… you could call both savior and assassin… and I had a group of people that I called “family” (there was no blood relation with anyone of them). So there was a guy that I called brother and we were very close. The reason I think that this spirit may not be my father’s is because I think it may be that of my “family” mainly by brother. The reason I think this might be a curse is although I saved many people during the many years of my existence… killing is still wrong… and because my “family” died because of me and I still blame for that. Perhaps that spirit may “belong” to one of my past life friends and is trying to tell me that they forgive me for what happened or that it simply wasn’t my fault. Whoever this spirit may be, I know it’s someone I know because I can recognize it’s “aura”… but I still can’t tell who it may be. Does any of this make sense?
  3. Yeah well it-s not like it-s a problem speaking about it here. It’s just something I have never told anyone about it. You see… “normal” people don’t actually remember they’re paste lives like I do because I remember clearly, as if happened yesterday. Don’t’ even try to tell me thst’s normal cause it isn’t… and that seems to be an actual curse… as knowing what I was and what I did, and the things happening now, it seems like I’m being punished for my past actions. And there is nothing I can do about it. And what do you mean by… “reincarnation and rebirth is not just a topic dealing with ghosts which i guess foreigners think”?
  4. Well sant... it seems I can´t PM you so I will have to answer here... My father isn't buried in the graveyard near my house… and I know my mother hides many things from me; there is no need for apologies on that. But I have another theory in which case this spirit is not my father… but for that to be true… life after death and “rebirth” had to be real… and I know not many people believe in that. And it pains me to not know anyone or anyway to contact with this spirit
  5. Well you see... there is a graveyard near hear it’s about… a hundred meters from my home. It’s really close as I can see it clearly form my window… Where I live people don’t believe in the “supernatural” but I don’t see anything else happening in the neighbor. As for asking that to my mother… She never told me anything about things left undone or any sorrow… If there is anything still holding him here… must be because he never had a chance to say good bye… But thinking about this reminded me of something… His visits became more frequent when my mother got a new boyfriend (to whom I refuse to call “stepfather” or anything like that, as I don’t like him one bit)... I’m sure if I asked my mother she just wouldn’t tell me anything as she never tells (maybe she’s trying to protect something or someone, or there just isn’t anything to say about it). Anyway, hope that helps. Oh I almost forgot, I still didn't have the chance to try anything (as I’m waiting to be alone and then try it) but my mother once tried to purify the house (it supposedly makes spirits go away) and no spirit appeared for… a week I guess… but than everything returned to “normal”…
  6. I really can´t say if it’s the same spirit or not but I believe he just visited me the other night… You see… for some reason since my father passed away, about one year or something after that, I started to have some problems sleeping so I there are times when I sleep only an insane 3 hours a night! But… two nights ago some spirit visited me. I tried to talk with him… but I soon fell asleep and I slept straight trough the night… Anyway, this is to say, that whenever this sprit is around, I sleep like a stone. To tell the truth, there is no photo of him in the entire house, at least not at plain sight. You asked me what I am… but I’m unsure myself… you see… I’m not a Christian, still I believe in God (as being Jehovah) and in Jesus Christ , but, I believe that there are many other gods such as Shiva and many others. So… there is no real answer to your question, sorry.
  7. Sorry ronin, I'll ask there when I have time, as that is something I seem to be lacking quite a bit at the moment... mfernandes81, thanks’ for the tips and I think people who have the capacity to see/hear/talk/feel spirits are indeed special and should not use their power to hurt others. Unfortunately that’s not how everyone feels about this… and then there are those others who don’t even believe. As for the mirrors… indeed you’re not the only one who as told me about them being portals how dangerous that can be. Truth is, I indeed have a mirror in my room, but it’s closed inside a closet so my guess is… it’s the same as not being there? Or it can still be harmful?
  8. But... how do I know it's really my father's spirit? Is there a way to know?
  9. I guess I should try but... how do I do it? Is there a topic in here where I can see how to do it? thanks for the help anyway
  10. Well, I'm 19 years old now, my father passed away when I was 5, he worked at some processing meat industry or something like that and he died when riding his bike to meet me and my mom at the hospital (I had been operated to something linked with my throat). The spirit possessed me when I was 18 so I’m now 19… so it’s been like one year more or less, I can’t say for sure. Hope that helps you... As for everyone else… I’ll try to stay “out of trouble” and do as you say… so thank you all for the suggestions.
  11. Hello everyone.<o:p></o:p> To begin, I’m new here (as should be obvious) and someone might have probably had the same doubts as me and, if so, than my first post is a nothing more than a filler (or something like that). Anyway if someone as already had the same doubts as me, than just pm me, give-me the link to the right tread and topic, and feel free to delete this one.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Going on with the subject…<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Since I’m a kid, and probably since my father passed away, I began to “feel” stuff, to hear and see things nobody else could. So, I decided it was nothing more than just my wild imagination. I thought that for years and even “played” along, pretending that these “things” were my imaginary friends.<o:p></o:p> Years went by and I eventually discovered that this “things” were nothing more than sprits (or a spirit, as I have no evidence of how many). So I decided to speak about it with a few people. My mother suggested that it could be the spirit of my father and he would sometimes visit her and when that happened, she would pray so his spirit could rest. Other people told me to be careful, no to show to this spirit fear, to remain calm when he was nearby and to try and speak with him. This was the opposite idea of my mother, who wanted me to pray so this spirit could rest. Truth be told, I don’t know any prayers and I just too curious about the identity of the spirit.<o:p></o:p> Eventually I got possessed by him, but before I get there, allow me to explain the whole prossess. <o:p></o:p> I started hearing someone calling for my name when I was in my sofa and the voice came from my room. I would go there and find nothing and immediately after stepping in the room, the same voice would scream my name again but this time form the room I was before and so on. A few days later, this spirit started to do things such as moving objects. I remember once seeing a cd case being “thrown” against a wall. Then the spirit started appearing at my room, but only if was alone and I started to talk with him. He never answered back, and I never actually saw him, the only thing I could distinguish was some kind of shadow walking across the room.<o:p></o:p> There was something that happened too and I almost forgot about it. One winter, it was very cold, and I was only half covered in bed. I was “semi-awakened” but despite the cold, I just wasn’t aware enough as to completely cover myself. Then, I heard someone walking, the indistinguishable sound of boots, and the sound stopped by the edge of my bed. The next I know, I’m completely covered, someone's hand touched my head, and the sound of boots is moving away from me, so in a split second, I turned around and looked at where the sound was coming from… but there was nothing to be seen.<o:p></o:p> Anyway, one night I was anger at something and spirit was there again and I was so pissed of, that I told him he wasn’t real and that all I wanted was to be left alone. The spirit moved toward the door and vanished completely for a few minutes. Then I felt his presence again, only this time it was behind the door and couldn’t come in. I realized he needed my persion so I said out loud: “– Alright, If you want to enter, than com in”. The next second I had lost control of my body and the only thing I could do was watch my body doing stuff on his own. Truth be told, I never left the bed that night, at least that I remember but I couldn’t control my body, as if I was a prisoner in it. Later I realized I had given him permission to him to possess me. Still, in that night, while I was still possessed, my mother must have sensed something was wrong, as she never comes into my room. She just barged in, without knocking on the door and asked if I was ok. I took me almost five seconds to something so simple as to move my lips, and I don’t know why, but I told her “everything’s fine”. Then, she just left the room; I remained awake all night without being able to move my body. About six in the morning, the spirit released me and from that point on, he rarely ever shows anymore.<o:p></o:p> Despite the “dangerous” adventure, I don’t think this spirit is a bad one, so I was wondering how I could contact him, speak with him, see him, and as well, hear him.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Now you’re probably asking “why did this guy go to the trouble of writing all of this crap?”. Answer’s simple, I simply felt like it and I don want any one being possessed just because you were dumb enough to give a spirit permission to enter someplace, without mentioning witch place that is. You’ve been warned (a small “lol” over here, hehe).<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Now to finish things, If anyone can help know more about spirits, gods, magic, rituals, worshiping, and whatever more might be useful, I would appreciate in advance.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> For those patient enough to read this post, a very big thank you, as you are definitely one of the most patient man/woman in the world, and patience is a virtue. Most welcome.<o:p></o:p>
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