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  1. Do you guys get a response? i don't get it.......
  2. I would like to know very specific thing about the man i'm dating now. Please help me and tell me if he is my "soulmate" or not. Knowing this would be a huge relief for me. Thank you for your help! My birth data: gender: female dob: april 14, 1986 birthtime: 08:47am place: ulaanbaatar, mongolia I'm a university student now. His data: gender: male dob: september 28, 1972 birthtime: 11:45am place: ulaanbaatar, mongolia he's runs a business enga21@
  3. TIME OF BIRTH: 08:47 am DATE OF BIRTH: April 14, 1986 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia SEX: female Your current status : Studying Educational background: university Work Industry and current salary: not working Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember Family background Father : Business. Mother : house wive Brothers : younger, in college Sisters : no sister My question is i really want to know if this guy is my soulmate or not. because i'm confused that he's not willing to commit to our relationship. But i feel there's something special about him, i sometimes get the feeling that he might be my soulmate. So please help. His birthtime: 11:45 am birthday: September 28, 1972 place of birth: ulaanbaatar, mongolia my email: wickedstar1011@
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