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  1. Hello friends, I am in the same boat as you are and have tried here before but no help. I have tried astrology as well and nothing seems to work. The so called Gurus gave own predictions which proved them hollow. My advice is have patience and be focused on every opportunity you get .... God help those who help themselves. Best of Luck. Note: I still have to come accross an astro who could predict even 50% accurately.
  2. Thanks Riaz. I am not going to wear sapphire and am wearing monga. I am having problems with on the job front and would like to check when will I find a job. You are right I am separated from my mother as they are in India and I am abroad. Will wearing pearl get me together with my family? regds
  3. Dear Vedic Astro, Thanks for helping us out and as you can see there will be great number of seekers always. I have tried before but have not been satified with the result so here is my question: I am having problem with my career, it has come to stand still and I will like to know when will I get a job if possible the as precise date as you can. Name: Sachin Kataria DOB: 22 Nov 1973 Time: 23:25 Place: New Delhi, India email: sachiin_kataria@hotmail.com Also recommed a remedy if required. I am wearing a monga. Also if you could let me know how to improve my financial condition, it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello mylilangle, Can you also help me with the following: 1) Will wearing monga(coral) strengthen Mars i.e. career lord and thus help my career. 2) What effect moon strengthening will have. apreciate your feedback.
  5. Appreciate it. You mentioned Saturn is my most inauspicious planet but I had read is somewhere that saturn in 3rd house is good, is it because of sun in8th house thesaturn is bad. I am a novice in this subject. regds
  6. Hello Mylilangel, Appreciate your analysis. I think you are right the guy must be a novice, I consulted another and it is cancer ascendent. I have started doing what you have suggested from past 2 months ie hanuman chalisa and shiv puja. I have lost my job in early march all of a sudden without any hint, the life before that was much better. Can you pl suggest some remedy to get the job back and to improve financial position. Which planet should be worshiped according to my horoscope for career and wealth. Thanks and appreciate your help. Om Namha Shivai
  7. I was recommended to wear neelam recently and before I do I would like some advice from experts on this forum. I am a bit desperate to do this because I have recently lost my job. Pl help!!
  8. Hello, I would like to check what is the remedy for the venus and rahu placed in 9th house together and jupiter in 10 house. Pl help!!! Also I would appreciate if someone can help me with prediction on my career and financial front. DOB: 22 Nov 1973 Time: 23:25 Place: New Delhi
  9. Dear Dhruv Ji, Thanks for info. I will get in touch with you soon with details. regds, Sachin
  10. Hello Dhruv Ji, I appreciate your reply and would like to explain my status to you and get your recommendation, pl can you pass me your mail id @ sachiin_kataria@hotmail.com I do not have any such intentions like getting a love back (infact I am married with kids) but would like to understand and experience the mighty power .... I am not looking for quick results but would like to experience some results. If I can see and talk to God power in 40/43 days that is awesome. I will sms you but since I am based out of India it will be good to communicate using email.
  11. Dear Dhruv Bhura Ji, Can you pl elaborate what do mean by sankalp and is there another way to do these mantras then using the yantra and mala as these both are not available here. Appreciate your reply. regds,
  12. Dear Dhruv Bhura Ji, Appreciate you reply. Would love to chat one to on when ever it is possible for you. Let me know Cheers, Sachin
  13. Hello Dhruv Bhura Ji, I have always read at places that you need a guru to do sidhhi, can you pl help my ignorance as to : 1) Can sidhhi be done without a guru 2) how long generally it takes to awakens one self 3) Are you a guru who is ready to guide Appreciate your reply and also would like to check if it is ok with you if I sms you. regds, Sachin
  14. Hello Dhruv Bhura Ji, I can see that people are getting anxious to get you attention and congratulate you on doing this wonderful social service. Offcourse I am also selfish and want to know about my job which I lost few months back, appreciate if you can help but will understand ifyou are busy. DOB:22 Nov 1973 Time: 23:25 Place: NEw Delhi I am tempted to send you an sms butwanted your permission first. kind regds, Sachin
  15. Hello Gurus, I am new here so need to know what should I do to get your attention, pl help me with myquery. regds,
  16. Hello Folks, I am having a big problem in life right now and have initiated a post but with no reply so far. I would like your help on this. DOB: 22 Nov 1973 Time: 23:25 Place: New Delhi Problem: Job related (when will I get a new job) Please Help?????????????
  17. Hello folks, Let me start by saying that I am glad to discover this site and it is a great inspiration. Problem: I have been leading a good life so far (tough but progressing) but recently it turned upside down which actually forced me to explore my spiritual side and thus coming in contact with this site. After working for many years, I have actually lost my job few months ago and am in quest for another one, though I have consulted few astros but all have given date which have come and gone with the status quo maintained, I would appreciate if you could help me with this prediction and I am in dire need of some hope. DOB: 22 nov 1973 Time: 23:25 Place: New Delhi Quest: When will I get a new job and will it be good financially and mentally(job satisfaction) i.e. will I rise in it. Appreciate your feedback, kind regds
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