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  1. Someone wants to answer this, please?!
  2. Could someone please tell me what rashi, lagna and graha sandhi mean and how to find it out using JHora? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Could somebody reply to this please?!
  4. Hi, I have a doubt. In my horoscope, Venus is lagna lord (thula lagna, owns 1,8) and is placed in 10th. Saturn owns 4,5 and is positioned in first house. Now is my yogakaraka Saturn or Venus?! Details: 31/05/1983 Chennai, Time: 17:04 Koushik
  5. Could somebody please tell me?!
  6. My details are as follows: DOB: 31/05/1983 (17:02 hrs) Place: Chennai (India) I am beginning to learn astrology. From JHora I found out that my horoscope has a graha yuddha between Mars and Sun, and Mars wins. Will sun behave like a debilitated planet in my horoscope? What are the implications of graha yuddha? Please guide me!
  7. Taipei, Thanks for the quick response! Koushik
  8. Gurus, My details are as follows: DOB: 31/05/1983 Time: 17:02 hrs Place: Chennai (India) I am currently in rahu maha dasha, mercury-bukti. What are my chances of foreign travel? I have read the forums on foreign travel, but have not been able to find out... Please Help!
  9. Hi All, I was curious about MKS, especially since I seem to have 3 planets in MKS - Rahu (9th), Sani (First) Mercury (Seventh). I know there are ambiguities if Mercury in 4th or 7th as MKS. I also seem to have good planets in 4 (Moon), 7 (Mercury) and 10 (Venus). Not really sure what this means, so would like to hear your views on the same. I also appear to have a graha yuddha scenario between Sun and Mars, and Mercury wins. Further, both Sun and Mars, as well as Venus appear to be in Vargottama. Further, JHora says that my Rahu and Ketu (3rd) are in Moola Trikona. I am currently in the Rahu Dasha that runs till 2019. My details are as follows: DOB: 31/05/1983 Place : Chennai (India) Time: 17:02 Hours. I have a few questions: 1) What are the MKS effects for my horoscope? 2) How will my career be, given that the owner of the first house is in 10th (Venus) and is aspected by the planet in the first house (Sani), while Sani is Ucha? Many thanks in advance for answering my questions!! Koushik
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