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  1. Hi, I have Shani as poorna yog karak in my kundali and I was adviced to wear blue sapphire. However I have 1.5 carat blue sapphire which is from Shri Lanka and is of wxcellent quality. My question is, whether being less than 3 carat has any effect?
  2. Hi All, From past 8 months I am facing health related issues. For mental relief and to have blessings of GODs I have started wearing Rudraksha's from past 4 months. Though do feel calmness and uplift in health, I am yet to get over the issue. I fell that I can do better to invoke the power of my Rudraksha's, then I am doing currently. Can someone please guide me as to how best it can be done? Thanks Om Namah Shivaya
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