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  1. Hello webyogi jiwe still haven't got married. Can we get married after doing pujas? Please help.
  2. Hello.. I was told by someone that in kamba ramayana,there is a mention that Lord Rama ate meat.. I don't know how far this is true though!.. Sorry if i happen to be wrong. No offence meant..
  3. Hello Webyogi ji, I wanted ur help . Am writing the query in this thread because i cudn't start a new thread. I would be truly grateful if u could match the following horoscope and tell me the result. We were told that there is risk in this marriage and hence have been advised to do pujas. I just wanted to confirm the same. Details: Female: DOB:30/06/1986 Time:10:15 PM Place: Chennai Star: Ashwini Male DOB:06/04/1982 Time:3:30 AM Place:Chennai Star Pooram Please help us. thank you.
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