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  1. Thank Unanth, I think you are absolutely right. Many people have been amazed by the accuracy of Nadi Astrology but of course some have not had a good experience primarily because of inexperienced reader. I will take your advice and visit the temple if destiny has in store for me.
  2. I am sure there is so merit to the system. However, it is intriguing that populations has changed significantly, so how could it have fingerprint for all. May that is the reason, some people do not find a match..may be their cycle started after Nadi was documented... Do you know of any reliable Nadi astrologers who can review and do the analysis via web?
  3. Has anybody on this board tried Nadi Astrology? How accurate is it? Do you have any recommendations on Nadi astrologers that can do reading on line.
  4. I am totally desperate and frustrated with my career. I am looking for a job for so many months and inspite of good education and career I am not getting anywhere. I need some help and predication on when will I get a decent job and get stability in my career. I am a hardworking professional but inspite of brilliant performance I do not get much recognition. DOB - april 18, 1964, POB - Bhiwani, Haryana Time : 7:20 AM (approx). Thank you for spending time on analysing my chart.
  5. Dear WebYogi ji, Thank you so much. I am at my wit's end. I had a pretty glorious career but I made many bad decisions and wrong moves in last three years that has totally messed and destablized my career. I am worried if I will be able to get back on my feet and get my career back. Do you do detailed readings - if yes, how can I contact you. I really need some good positive guidance. Thank you so much.
  6. Any insights? Dear experts, please provide some insights. I am having terrible time with Job. Need help and spiritual guidance.
  7. How do I figure if I have Kaalsarp dosha. I have Rahu and Moon in the 3rd House and Ketu in 9. Does this mean that I have Kaal Sarp. One of the knowledgeable guru in this board mentioned that I have kaal sarp (from life experiences, I do feel that I have all the signs of being effected by Kaal Sarp) but they also mentioned all planets need to between Rahu and Ketu...although in my chart I have planets in 12th house as well. For reference - DOB - April 18, 1964, Bhiwani, Haryana, Time : 7:20 AM (approx). I am having tough time with jobs and I have lost my career direction. I need help and advise. Thank you so much.
  8. Namaste Sir My DOB - April 18, 1964, Bhiwani, 7:20AM (approx). Presently - Unemployed. I am in the IT Industry. Last few years have been rough and I made wrong career moves. Father - Retired Professor Mother - Late, was housewife 3 brothers (including me) - bad relationship with Brother 2 3 sisters I am youngest. I did Engineering in 1985. Moved to Canada in April 1990, did MBA in 1991 and now moved to US in 2004. Help Needed question is when will I be able to get a good job and right career direction, will I be able to hold the job? Somebody told me that I have Kaalsarp dosha - is that true? Does that mean my career is doomed? Thank you so much for your help
  9. We are in US - on the west coast and are considering to move to eastern part of US. Is there a possibility of move to the east coast of the US. Will the move be beneficial for us. April 18, 1964 - Bhiwani, Haryana - 7:20AM
  10. May I know mine as well: April 18, 1964 Time: 7:20 AM Bhiwani, Haryana
  11. Dear Ayush and Dear Atul, Is it because I have KaalSarp dosha in my chart that I am having trouble with my career. Per dear Riaz, I have Vasuki Kaal Sarp which gives problems with siblings - which I my case is very true. Does vasuki kaalsarp impact career as well... again - DOB - April 18, 1964 - 7:20 AM Bhiwani, Haryana.
  12. Thank you Dear Ayush. I am somehow facing a chequered career for last few years and I am desperately looking for a right job for last few months. Hope it gets better soon.
  13. Dear Atul Ji and Ravi Ji Appreciate if you can provide some more insights based upon the additional details I sent.
  14. Dear Ravi and Atul, waiting for your respose. Thanks
  15. Dear Ravi, I moved from Canada to US in Sept 2004 and now in the pacific Northwest of US. Yes, I am US and Canadian Citizen. My date of birth is april 18, 1964 in Bhiwani, Haryana - but time is only approx .. 7:20 AM - I moved to Canada in April 1990 ( if that can help in determining time). Thank you Ravi Ji for analyzing the chart.
  16. Dear Riaz, You are right on. Anytime I am about to get something, some obstacle happens and I do not get it. It is totally bizzarre. I hope with prayers I get some good breaks in life.
  17. Dear Ayush Ji, Thank you so much for your assessment. You are right on regarding '90s which was definitely a good period. I have had stress earlier in my life and I am going through serious career challenges and job challenges now. I have had many erratic job changes in last few years and inspite of my strong contributions - my efforts have not be rewarded..and now I am looking for a job or contract for last few months and totally frustrated. When do you see things improving financially and career wise for me. Is there an email or phone I can contact you at. Thank you once again.
  18. Pls review my chart - details: april 18, 1964 Bhiwani, Haryana, 7:20 AM please send your analysis to my email - ahujaalok@hotmail.com
  19. Dear Webyogi ji, Do you know when the tough period for me end. For last few years, I have had very choppy career, inspite of super hard work and great achievements. When can I expect to feel stable and get reasonable career satisfaction. I am ready to have a breakdown. DOB - April 18, 1964 City: Bhiwani, Haryana Time : 7:20 PM (approx.)
  20. Atul Ji, I have sent the details. Appreciate if you can provide some insights into the career and job search. Here are the details again. DOB- April 18, 1964 Place: Bhiwani, Haryana Time: 7:20 AM (approx.) Thank you so much.
  21. Atul Ji Appreciate if you can review the details and provide me some guidance. Regards Alok
  22. My birth details: a) April 18, 1964 b)Place : Bhiwani, Haryana c) Time : approx. 7:20 AM key events - moved to Canada in April 1990
  23. I have Rahu with Moon in my 3rd house. I believe 3rd house is house of career and job. Does that mean that my career is doomed. Are there any remedies to reduce the impact of Rahu.
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