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  1. Hello Respected Gurujis, Can you please tell me what is the significance with respect to marriage of a Jupiter - Venus aspect (opposition) Particular case: Jupiter in 1st house (exhaulted in cancer) and Venus in 7th house. 7th lord Sani in 2nd house. Thank you very much
  2. Details: DOB: March 19th 1979, 12:54 pm. Place: Chicago IL USA Software Engineer with a master's degree. Not married. Question: what is my life's purpose? what am I here to do?
  3. When we study a Horoscope, we can always see a "possible period" for marriage, depending on the planetary positions. An astrologer would tell us that we have a "yoga" to get married during certain periods of time. I have had such periods before. I have not married yet. According to astrologers, I my horoscope does indicate marriage, children etc. My question is, is it possible to skip over all these "marriage periods" and not get married at all? If one took that up as a challenge and consciously avoided getting married, will that win over what is written in his horoscope? So my question is if marriage is destined, can one avoid it through conscious effort. For example, if one knows he has cancer and has a chance of a short life, and tries to avoid marriage, although the horoscope indicates marriage, is that possible to do? Thanks
  4. Birth: March 19 1979, 12:54 PM. Chicago IL USA. I have exhaulted Jupiter with cancer ascedant, with Venus in 7th, and 7th lord satrun in 2nd. I want to know what is delaying my marriage. I currently do not feel like getting married anymore. Is this a Horoscope that indicates marriage at some point? if so when? Also I have a general dissatisfaction with the direction everything has been going - Career, health, marriage,.. will this come to pass? Can someone please help explain these issues? Any help will be much appreciated.
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