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  1. tej narayan ji, i have gone through your detailed achievments , can i know ur email id or u can mail me ur id on kcraghunath@.co.in , iam very much in need of the experienced sadhak as iam also in the same path. raghunath kapse
  2. hi, iam very new to this panel & got initiated by one of my guru 8 years ago , now iam practicing the yakshini sadhana - kalakarni & shobha , while kalakarni is going on . i have completed shobha yakshini but iam not able to sense the invoking of the yakshini , can any one let me know how to verify or know that the sadhana has been succesful , any symtoms ?any visions? the only sense i had during the concluding stage of shobha yakshini is the low frequency vbration in my body thats it. how to invoke & utilise the yakshini?
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