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  1. Hiya Shonna thanks for the reply . Yup i am a guy here thanks for the analysis ... i have a few doubts ... can you explain me these 2 lines "give yourself enough time to plan well whenever a new idea comes to you before the ideas take control of you"" and ""the money collected will never bring any happiness for you becase of your fear inside that there will be no resources.""" what do u mean by no rescources here . Actually i am student of astrology too .. and according to me last 5 years should have been good period for me but it hasnt turned out in that way ..thats why i was confused and needed help. Maybe i was wrong in intrepreting. Any more light on my future would be great help
  2. Can anyone help on this one please
  3. Hi, I would like someone to assess my horoscope please. Looks like i am on crossroads in life. Things are not going as planned I have recently moved out of country to Uk on my own ( looks like a stupid move seeing the credit crunch here ) and its not working. My life has taken a downward trend with every new day bringing disappointment & even though i had a good job & was earning well i am not getting happiness My family is also suffering as they stay in tension coz of me and other issues as well My details are date of birth - 7 sep 1982 time - 19:50 place - ludhiana ( punjab) Can somebody check and let me know thanks & best regards Lucky
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