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  1. Tell me about my ishta dev, mental peace and carrear progression, remedies if required. TIME OF BIRTH: 19:05 Hrs. DATE OF BIRTH: June 10, 1968 PLACE OF BIRTH: Jaipur/Rajasthan/India. SEX: Male Current status : Service Educational background: Educated Work Industry and current salary: Research, Rs. 25,000/- pm Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember: September 1988 (achieved distinction), End of 1989 till September 1993 Very bad period of life. Once started earning (1988), money comes whenever needed, but do not come when not required (Can not accumulate more than a level). Never believe in spending unnecessary, specially for additional comforts. Family background Father : Service Mother : house wive Brothers : younger 1 (August 12, 1970) / Elders 1 (January 28, 1964) Birth Place - Jaipur Sisters : No. The information is required to crosscheck the birth details and its accuracy. Please expect replies in week ends only. thanks and regards YKG
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