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  1. PLEASE DONOT SEND DETAILS OF YOUR REAL NAME / PHONE NUMBERS ETC THROUGH THE REPLY MAIL. TIME OF BIRTH : 12:47 PM DATE OF BIRTH :21-sep-1964 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY. Jalandhar or jullundur city, punjab,india SEX :Male Your current status : Studying / Service / Business : Service Educational background : Technical and non tecnical Work Industry and current salary.Computer software, unemployed Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember :14-16 someone hit a cricket bat on my forehead. Very serious injury Family background Father : Business / Service / Industry etc.. Father Retired Mother : house wive / Business / Service / industry etc. Brothers : younger / elders and above mentioned details : One elder sister one younger sister and brother : Elder sister married with 2 kids, Younger sister married with 3 kids and brother divorced
  2. Can someone please.... respond to my question?
  3. Can someone please look into my horoscope? My current occupation :Computer My current place of living : Boston, USA My siblings - 1 elder sister, 1 younger sister and brother My kids - One son and a daughter Please... give me some feedback.
  4. Hello, I was born on 21-09-1964 12:47 PM, Jalandhar city, Punjab. I am going through a very tuff phase of my life during Ketu mahadasha. I have lost my very lucrative job and unable to find any so far. I would like to know when will I get a new job. Also, what should I pray or wear any stone. Thanks a million.
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