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  1. Respected All, I was searching Yoga Narasimmar temple in Google and i came across this Arulmigu Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Sholinghur in Vellore district. <table width="371" align="center" bgcolor="#e8fff3" border="1" bordercolor="#ff0000"><tbody><tr><td width="227"> 1. Distance from Chennai </td> <td width="128" align="center"> 110 K.M </td></tr> <tr><td width="227" align="left"> 2. Distance from Vellor </td><td width="128" align="center"> 50 K.M </td></tr> <tr><td width="227"> 3. Distance from Tiruttani </td><td width="128" align="center"> 27 K.M </td></tr> <tr><td width="227"> 4. Distance from Arakonam </td><td width="128" align="center"> 27 K.M </td></tr> <tr><td width="227"> 5. Distance from Arcot </td><td width="128" align="center"> 31 K.M </td></tr></tbody></table> I wanted to share the details of this wonderful place with everyone.They are also maintaining a website for this temple. Namaskaram, Malini
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