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  1. dear sir i am new to this forum please wud really admire if u cud help me my detailes are 18 11 1980 ....15:15 , amritsar ,punjab, india i want to know which gemstone can really improve my business i need a gr8 help in it i am into average business of gold and diamond jewellery retails but it is not at all going good ... iam really feeling down because of it .......please help me and tell what sud i do ///// i am wearing a yellow sapphire and have tried coral aswell but no help is coming as such .....which gem sud i try out and also if u could tell me my isht devta ..... whome sud i worship most
  2. DEAR sir i am new to this forum and am really excited by viewing this thread .. .can u please help me out in finding my ISHT dev..... my details are 18 11 1980 15:15 amritsar (Punjab) INDIA i shall really apprieciate ur help ....
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