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  1. Hi Sir, DOB: 26.04.1978 TOB: 21.40PM (A male twin born after me at 21.43 PM) POB: Kalyani,West Bengal (Latitude: 22° 58' 60 N, Longitude: 88° 28' 60 E) SEX: Female I want to know how my career path will be and , if there is marriage yoga at all in my kundali . Thanks in advance Sir.
  2. Nmaste Guruji, Ever since a child I faced many obstacles and I am seriously in need of your advice. My education got delayed due to illhealth of my mother and I dont have a proper job. Even my marriage is delayed due to circumstances.Recently one astrologer said that there will be no happiness in my life as my kundali is not a good one. I am devastated and depressed.I really wanted to know your opinion. I am giving my birth data. DOB : 26.04.1978 POB : Kalyani,West Bengal, India. (Latitude: 22° 58' 60 N, Longitude: 88° 28' 60 E) TOB: 21.40 PM Sex : Female I have a twin brother who is born after me at 21.43 PM and even his position is like mine. Is there any chance of marriage in my kundali? Please help me with any advice ,remedy, or mantra. (I am a greatly devoted to lord Srimannarayana , should I worship any other god also?) Waiting eagerly for your reply! With regards !
  3. My sister and brother are twins. their details are: Sister: DOB: 26.4.1978 TOB: 21.40 PM POB: Kalyani,west bengal Longitude: 88.48 N latitude: 22.58 E Brother: DOB: 26.4.1978 TOB: 21.43 PM POB: Kalyani,west bengal Longitude: 88.48 N latitude: 22.58 E Both of them experienced many hardships in life,breaks in education and un-settled in careers. Even their marriage issues are not materialising. When we consulted one astrologer, he said twins birth is always in-aspicious . Especially if twins are a boy and girl. He said they require some " EK NAKSHATRA SHANTI POOJA " to break the astral link they have by birth. I am really surprised that if it is the case, then we are questioning the very creation of God and I am really confused. I really need some guidance regarding this issue. Please suggest any remedies if known. Eagerly waiting for rep. JK
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