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  1. Guriji I got married just 9 month back. My marriage was a late marriage. i am presently 37 and my husband is 8 years elder to me. After 1 1/2 month of marriage my husband and motherinlaw started to mentally harras me. My husband says that he will not say anything to his mother be it right or wrong. U should adjust with her and i tried also. But she keep on still harrassing me by raising unwanted topic like how much water i drink, how much i am eating, why is the what changed ec. etc. I also came to know that my motherinlaw has done some black magic on my husband so that he does not pay attention on me and only attendence him. He can not open his mouth in front of his mother. I am presently staying from last 2 months at my mother house. after i came here he did not even call or came to meet me. Request your to please provide me any mantra so that i can get my husband love and attention back and can remove him from the spel of his mother. And also can control him. He should be able to point out his mother mistake on her face. My motherinlaw is 75 yrs. but she has made my married life misrable. Please help me and provide me mantra. Also would like to help me to stop his habbit of telling lies. Both mother and son are expert in telling lies and fool others. guruji please please help me. Thanks
  2. I am interested in the above free magazine only. You can post the same on Mr.V N Nagar Anand Mangal Soc. Plot No.2/6, Room No. 203 sector 14, vashi 400703 Thanks.
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