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  1. i vikram even i am intrested in the mazine due to sme presonal problem i wont be able to giv my address i stay in south india itself can u mail me wil it be poosible........ my id is rocky_19@.co.in
  2. plz help me out i love a guy very deeply i.e from the bottom of my heart... starting even he behaved like that but after days passed he told that he behaved like a friend but he is good natured ... and i am not able to forget him even after a long time.. can any body suggest me vashikaran mantras and how to do it? plz help me out i am very much deeprsed wit diz my lifz is not in my control.... plz help me may god bless u.......... hope sme body will help me for sure
  3. is it true does it really works and i am a follower of sai baba can some on specify the vashikaran mantra
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