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  1. Om namah dev aadirupiye amuksaye akarshan kuru kuru swaha But this requires black dhatura in gorochan ink and to be written with white Indian oleander flower (kaner). Can anyone tell if green dhatura can be used in place of black due to unabvailability, and, whic plant can replace kaner as it is illegal in country due to it being poisonous
  2. TIME OF BIRTH : Approx. 11.20 am DATE OF BIRTH : 5th April 1976 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY : Lautoka Hospital, Fiji Islands SEX : Female Your current status : Service Educational background : Undergraduate Work Industry and current salary: Education and Banking, $63K Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember : Got legally married to someone from Ba, Fiji Islands on 27th October, 2006. Found out that he has a black past which involved an ex wife, a son and a very bad fraud record. Got him to divorce me on 31st July 2008, but still having trouble getting over that relationship and the scars from it. Am really confused as to why I still care about him, as he went back to Fiji in April 2007, just 4 months after living together in New Zealand. Family background Father : medical Mother : medical Brother : youger Date of Birth : 23rd June 1978, working in USA Place of Birth : Lautoka Hospital, Fiji Islands Sisters : nil
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