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  1. Hi, Heard and seen your ludicrous comments. Most of you are correct. A Brahmin is not by birth but by his karma. So should it hold for other castes as well. I have the following contentions: 1) Tamil Nadu has so much reservation for the lower castes. How come this is done by birth only? 2) why have you never written that your caste has perpetrated an injustice on brahmins by taking their right to just competition? 3) What wrong in am iyer helping an iyer when there are rules and laws in place to effectively debar them from every govt service, and now the educational institutions? 4) A poor brahmin does not have the benefit of reservation while others have. If it not wreaking vengeance on brahmins? 5) The wise in above posts say that a Brahmin is one who has the described virtues and follow some duties. How many of the shudras, vaishyas and kshatriyas follow their code of conduct? In essence, all I want to say is, if a Brahmin(by birth) adheres to virtues, it is only because of the fact that he is good in his blood and lineage. He is not dutiboud to do so, and if he favours someone, he does no wrong. I hope anyone with a sane mind will agree. Thanks I am That
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