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  1. I'm so sorry if I hurt your sentiments but please be advised I'm a Saryuparin Shukla Brahmin. Also be advised I was raised in a Hindu Family 'By Birth' and didnt have to read puranas and pothi to become a Hindu. Please dont mix Sabhyata and sanskriti together, they are all together different but co - related. Also please respect other Religions if you are not than you might be hindu by birth but not by Acharan! And thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate you being clear and straight. Please dont take me otherwise as I may need your help in solving some of my queries. Jai Hari
  2. I am really sorry sir to cut your view, please I beg pardon of yours but clear me one thing were you not born as hindu? were you required to read some purana or Bhagawad Gita to become a Hindu or a Sanatani? I'm so sorry to ask this so stupid of me but a thought passed by.
  3. Hi there, See the number of thinkers over your comment and their answers, I mean to show their involvement on this subject. Do you still think that it will survive or not? I see many people having the knowledge of Sanatan dharma i dont think they would just keep their knowledge with them and wont put that to proper use, because if they dont than there is no use of them having this knowledge?
  4. Hi, Govindaraaja may be your work place is just not meant for you why not switch over to a new job, instead of crying over the brahmins? they are humans and greed and selfishness will show off in whichever manner possible. Just ignore these things and move further, if not think of the time when you were greedy or selfish? What did you do? And was there anyone helpless like you? Please dont take me otherwise! Try to forgive and you will be more happier with what you are and what you have. I think this is better than thinking of 'those selfish brahmins at your office'. You could have thought of something better that happened to you in your life? Move on Man!! By posting this you will only receive sympathy and some more bad words about brahmins and everything remains where they are. It is you who have to decide things. All we can do is suggest. Regards Gokulnath
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