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  1. Hi I Am Prakash Basically From Orissa Now In Bahrain


    My Dob Details


    Time-9.15 Am



    Rashi- Kanya


    Lagna Lord-venus


    Planetary Position


    Ist House- Venus (5)

    2nd House- Moon(6)

    3rd House- Sani(9)

    4th House- Ketu & Guru (8)

    5th House- Blank

    6th House-blank

    7th House-blank

    8th House-blank

    9th House-blank

    10th House-rahu(2)

    11th House-sun& Mars(3)

    12th House-mercury(4)


    I Am Under Going Rahu Mahadasha Under Sani Antardash Rahu Is

    In 10 Th House & Sani Is In 3rd House How Will Be My Life I Know I

    Have Kala Sarpa Yoga. Is It Bad I Am Hopeless Plz Help Some One Plz Advise Me

  2. hi i am prakash kumar mohapatra from delhi


    my dob: 15-jul-1983

    time : 9.15 am

    place of birth: cuttack, orissa

    sex: male

    current location: delhi

    profession: accountant

    siblings: 1 younger brother & sister

    father: retailor of govt supplies

    mother: house wife


    specific question: i have a dream of going abroad can i go abroad. can i get sufficient wealth how will be my life. plz tell something about my wife. i am not married yet so when i will get married

  3. hi i am prakash kumar mohapatra

    born on 15/07/1983 at cuttack time 9.15 am


    my rashi is kanya, lagna-leo nakshyatra-uttaraphalguni-2

    ascedant lord-venus


    venus is in 1 house(leo)

    moon is in 2nd house(virgo)

    sani is in 3rd house(llibra)

    jupiter & ketu in 4th house(scorpion)

    sun/mars/rahu in 11th house (gemini)

    mercury is in 12th house(cancer)


    i am currently going sani antardasa under rahu mahadasa also sani sade sati



    i just want to know how will be my life/wife/wealth & what are the chances

    of going abroad

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