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  1. Dear Ayush, I respect you. You truly are a man of the world. Your advice is practical and you still have faith in traditional beliefs. Dear Janaki, I'm not really an astrologer and can only empathise with you. You have my prayers. Stay positive and work towards your future. Good luck.
  2. Dear Megala, I respect your belief in the astrology system. I am myself an ardent believer. If you are in love with this boy and you believe that he is a good person and the one for you, you should get married to him no matter what the future holds. You live only one life, you wouldn't want to regret this decision. This is my personal opinion, I may or may not be correct. I understand that the boy's and your family would want horoscopes to match before any wedding. Eventually the decision is yours. Good luck and may the gods be with you always. Aq Z
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