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  1. Dear Astrologer, Namaste. I wanna know about my higher studies & job career. Currently 'am working in Dubai as a Software Engineer. 'am looking for a change in job preferably in India / other than Dubai. 'am concerned much abt my higher studies. 'am putting my best efforts.. things going v slow and results are delayed. Pls suggest remedies. Plz tell me is there any change in my job / progress in studies in the near future. I will be greatful for your help. My Birth details as follows - Date of Birth - 09-August-1982 Time of Birth - 23:00 Place - KURNOOL , Andhra Pradesh, India. Thanks and Regards, AM Ravi Kumar
  2. Dear Sir, I want to know about my birth chart......I request you to kindly tell me the significant things good / bad that will take place in my life so that I can take advantage / careful and lead life in the path of good. Below is my birth data - DOB - 09-Aug-1982 time - 23.00 hours Lati tude - 15° 50' N, Longitude -78° 05' E place - KURNOOL State - Andhra Pradesh country - India sex - Male
  3. Dear Astrologers, Namaste. Pls tell my horoscope as per the data below - Name - Ravi DOB - 09 August 1982 Time - 23.00 Place - KURNOOL , Andhrapradesh, India Latitude: 15.8 N Longitude: 78.06 E Thanks and Regards Ravi
  4. Dear Astrologers, Namaste. May I request u to kindly spare some time on my birth data below and give the significant events - good / bad in my life that I should take advantage / care. Birth data - NAME - RAVI KUMAR Date of Birth - 09th August 1982 Time - 23.00 IST place - KURNOOL, ANDHRAPLADESH, INDIA Thanks and Regards, AM Ravi Kumar
  5. Can any body giver pointers for expert Naadi astrologers.. Regards, Ravi
  6. I want to know about Naadi Jyotishyam.. Please help. Regards, Ravi
  7. Kind attention - Sri Balaji Narasimhan. Dear Sir , Namaste. May you please see my astrology and predict me how will be future - *Sir ám currently staying in Dubai. I want to be in India. For me is India will be good / abroad...if abroad how long will it be ~career - Job and education ~problems... ~remedies.. especially there is delay in every work. Please suggest me how can deal with this. Sir below are the details - Name - AM Ravi Kumar Date of Birth - 09August1982 Time- 23:00 Place - Kurnool ( Andhrapradesh) Latitude- 15° 50' N, Longitude- 78° 05' E Kindly look into my astrology:) Thanks and Regards, Ravi Kumar AM ravikumaram9@gmail.com
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