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  1. Hi Chakri, Thanks for your reply...My mind is at ease now...But I have a doubt...U have mentioned first marriage trial and second marriage trial...what does it mean?? Does it mean that I will have two marriages....Please explain in Layman terms. but please excuse me for being so stupid...I don;t have any clue on astrology. Please reply, Thanks
  2. I am working for an MNC where i am getting very good recognition. but i am not happy with my salary...and now due to recession i am not able to make a move in my career. In my life i had liked 2 women... once in college, and the other in my workplace. which did not work out at all...I have been very unlucky in love i feel....I just wanted to know will I have an arranged Marriage or Love Marriage. I am not boasting but...I am very good looking and in the workplace many female colleagues give a second look at me...I have caught many women staring at me....but i want to get in to a serious relationship with a woman which should eventually end in marriage....but I am not lucky. even though i am good looking and well built and i carry myself well...why have i been unlucky in Love. Please reply.
  3. Thank You Chakri_chk I have one more doubt...I had gone to a Pandit and he told me that Mangal is "YOG KAARAK" for me....what does it mean? Is it good or bad for me?? Please reply
  4. Hi Guruji, Please reply .. Iam not getting any responses.
  5. Hi Guruji, I wanted to know when will I be getting Married. I have attached my Horoscope with this post. Please Reply. Thanks in Advance.
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