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  1. namaste dear learned astrologers.I have hereby given my details of my charts.please kindly give some advice. rasi simha (lagna)- ketu viruchigam(4th)-sani kumbham(7th)-rahu meenam(8th)-chandra and mangal rishaba(10th)-guru mithunam(11th)-sukra katakam(12th)-ravi and budha navamsa danus (lagna)-ravi makaram(2nd)-chandra kumbham(3rd)-sani and budha meenam(4th)-guru mesham(5th)-rahu thulam(11th)-ketu viruchigam(12th)-sukra and mangal 1) how will my sukra maha dasa and chandra bukthi be? 2) will there be improvements in my studies(facing many difficulties)? 3) some say that ketu moolatrikona is simha and rahu is kumbha how far this fact is true? 4) will there be problems through women if so what kind?some said to stay away from them,why is it so? please kindly show some light.thank you.
  2. Ohm namah shivaya hi,thank u for ur service.These are my details could u please review and give ur guidance. d.o.b : 3-8-1988 p.o.b : TN lat :10 50 N lon:78 46 E gender: male location:TN proffesion: student marital status:not married mother:home maker father:govt employee brothers:2 in my rasi ketu is lagna(simha) rahu is in seventh place and in kumba rasi(saturns own rasi),so i am much worried about the attitude of my spouse. kindly give ur guidance please mention any gud yogas if available.thank u
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