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  1. I am learning astrology and I would like to give free astrology consultation. You can ask me specific questions. Please note that I am not yet an absolute expert and hence there is no guarantee as such abt my predictions. I would be honest about it. But I have been doing predictions which have been often close to accuracy under my guru's guidance. You can ask me by giving following details- Date, place, time of birth Your gender, current location profession (working/student/which field) family details (married/unmarried/divorced, kids details (if any), details of how many siblings, details of parents) Your specific question You can also send me your details thr' private message. Please note that it takes whole lot of time to analyse a kundali as many different factors have to be considered. Hence, it is much easier to answer a specific question. So if you can be as specific as possible, it will help.
  2. Hello Sir, I am Suddha Mukhopadhyay.My details are as follows: 1.Date of B,Pl , Time:23 Dec 1981, Kolkata, 4.20 pm 2.Gender: Female, Current Location US.....but will return to India shortly 3.Prof: House wife, doing MBA 4. Family; I have a very successful intelligent Husband, 3 sisters,and Mother n Father both working. Question: I left my job as a banker in 2008 feb, till date i am unemployed, when will i have job?will I do good if I open a school?Or should I study?How long ?will I be successful in life?When will I have children?
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