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  1. My Details DOB: 16-July 1979 Time: 07:09 A.M. Place : Rajahmundry,Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Can someone please tell me about my financial situation, Whatever I earn doesn’t seem to stay at all. My responsibilities are increasing, I need lot of money this year for settling our family problems. Money just seems to go wastefully. Can somebody please please tell me How will my financial situation be this year, I am really concerned
  2. Jayjp200, I have been chanting the above mantras along with this mantra, I got a job. Om Shreem Mam Kaarya Siddhi Kari Kari Hreem Phat I used to chant all the 3 mantras through out the day, though Srimbs ji has asked to chant 10 and 21 times, I used to chat through out the day. Hope this helps and hope you get a job soon
  3. Respected Srimbs, Thanks a lot for the Mantra
  4. I have lost my job, am trying hard to get a job how ever hard I try , I dont seem to be getting a job, I am getting selected for jobs and for no reason they are canceling the offer again These days I am not even getting an interview calls, I am really frustrated Can someone please give me some Mantra or something that will help me get a job Thanks in Advance
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