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  1. Dear Sir, Please help me regarding following horoscope : Sex : Female Date of Birth : 19 May 1976 Place of Birth : Cochin (India) Time of Birth : 12:53 PM When is the native likely to get married and is there a probability of interreligion marriage? Thanks for your help
  2. birth details: DOB: 20-Sep-1979 TOB: 15:50 PM POB: Aligarh,India Sex: Male Status: Unmarried what is the effect of current rahu mahadasha? thanks for ur help
  3. will be greatful if any of the learned astrologers can reply on this.
  4. Please check for the ongoing Rahu dasha and its effect on the native. Male Hindu Dob 20 September 1979 Time 15:50 hrs Place Aligarh What is to be expected? Pranaam
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