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  1. Great advice. The path I am on has beautiful roses, Fruit barring trees, And amazing creatures. At the same time those roses have thorns, those creature are wild animals, and some of the fruits are poisonous. I have been married for 12 years and I have a son that has mental health issues and an excepionaly high IQ. My wife is non supportive or is focused on worldly objects.
  2. That is exactly what I have been doing. Back in '90 I was greatly involved in asanas. I would beditate about 45 minutes at a time and was deeply devoted. I lost my self and came spiraling down in december. Now I have picked up where I left off with ease aside from the people around me. They are carp, question, and are full of negative energy that has cuased much stress to my life. So yes. . . I keep to myself . . .but my change in life has done a complete 180. My old ego-centric self has been released but the norms of external life has not. I might have a new car engine but the body is the same and the garage I park it in is cluttered--mostly non of my stuff. I cannot renunciate without causing stress for others.
  3. Is that what Krishna told Arjun? Their dialogue was more extensive and edifying.
  4. After a four day fast I completely liberated my from prescription meds, the occasional drink, and the frequent negative attitude toward others. I have renunciated many things but there is still a lot of unwanted energy around me. There is no escaping it. People I live with are damaging and unsupportive. I get a lot of "You have completely changed!" to "You're not gonna start doing that now, are you?". If I had my own home I would get rid of the TV, meditate when ever and where ever I wanted, listem to mello ambiant music, eat in moderation, and talk about positive things. What can I do? The pendulum swings from one extreme to to other if I resume my present spiritual status with the negative energy aound me. Any suggestion?
  5. I used to meditate about 12 years ago and since then I have married, bought a home, and taken many fatherly and other responsible duties. This last year I have been discontent and disconnected--I have lost my faith and spirituality. Can someone guide me in the right direction to rediscovering my soul in this time of materialistic chaos? I have thus far read two books on the subject, gone to a Hindu temple, and mentally stumble over the correct pronunciation of many Sanskrit words. Sincerely, Ruben
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