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  1. Hi Ji's, From the above discussion I'm clear that i dont have KSY & KAY. I've Mars & Ketu in 8th House(sagittarius). Do i have chevvai dosham or not. Could you please clarify? Regards, Sumathi M
  2. Y no one is replying to my query ? is that very diff question i've asked.?
  3. Hi Sandhu Ji, I'm eagerly waiting for ur reply to know abt my future. Could you pls reply me ASAP. Thanks, Sumathi M.
  4. is that any thing people belongs to any particular community can join this forum or any one can join? if there is any contraint like that to reply form question pls let me know.
  5. hi again , i forgot to mention my date of time and birth place time : 17:20 and place : Kanchipuram(tamil nadu)
  6. Really Great...i've got a answer for my great puzzles...abt kal sarpa yoga.Thanks a Lot to ji's. I'm Sumathi M. Seeing my horoscop many told that i've kal sarpa yoga because of that my marriage is getting delayed and now i'm clear that i'm not having that. but still i've another puzzles is that then y my marriage is getting delayed. can any one answer my question. and predict when will be my marriage by date of birth is 12-nov-1982.
  7. Hi webyogi. help me to find a solution... i want to know the result of this puzzle... wat is there in my horoscope.. do i have chevai dosam or kala sarpa dhosam..
  8. Hi, My Name : Sumathi. M( New name : Sumathipriya) - new name changed after seeing numerology - Ashok pandit but not registered yet but following the steps wat he has told. Date of birth : 12 - nov - 1982. Birth place - Kancheepuram (Currently staying in chennai) birth time : 19:20 My marriage is getting delayed, my parents are worried. have met so many astrologist. each one is telling diff story abt my horoscope. i dont have clear picture abt my horoscope whether i've dosham or not. Please explain me my dosham details in my horoscope and when will be my marriage and abt my future. I hope i'll get good results atleast now, Thanks in advance.
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