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  1. Hi If you need a guru to start you on your path, there are many swamis. You can start with sai baba, shirdi baba, nithiyananda, so many and the list goes on. As you start the journey of knowing yourself through meditation, if you have the commitment to learn more and go deeper and enjoy meditating, then ask in the deepest moment of your meditation for the satguru. When the time is right you will be lead to the satguru. You do not have to pay a single cent to be graced in his presence. The satguru will give you what your soul and you want. All satgurus have a lineage, is the conduit asking from the supreme father forgiveness to our mistakes from the past to the present, lots of deep divine knowledge and lots of love to give. Your only commitment is meditation and living a truthful life.
  2. god created man to become saints but man created some good and not so good machines and androids x-ray machines equals to radio activity killing man god cellsand consciousness so man has no god cell only hyper active cells nobody should put their veggies under x-ray machines and then eat it!!!
  3. Are you very confused mate ? Do you think such questions will put people off ? Have your forgotten passwords to all your identies posted in different forums ? You say that you are not out to defame and not related to rudraksha ratna and then you write about "WE" ... WHO ARE WE ? You have blown your own cover. All viruses has antiviruses. YOU are a VIRUS sitting in different forums, creating new identies and forgetting passwords to create more identities like a schizophreniac. There is antivirus made for VIRUS like you By the way I have checked with the owner of indonepalrudraksha and he said that he did not receive any calls from ram for a chat. DAH!!!
  4. ram mate you agent for the people whose expertise is to manipulate with their baseless explanations crap, b/s, and then using their father as the expert in rudraksh. his expertise is only from collecting information from sources to write a patetic book not from his own research. i can write a book on nursery rhyms , copy from other books and i got a book under my name ... lol by the way you trying to defame indonepalrudraksha saw your post. why the interest in another rich men company?
  5. is shop 24 also their shop selling fake rudraksha ? it could be they hav so many agents part of their scam to sell fake rudraksha.
  6. they cheated u mate join the club ... :smash: 12mukhi and 15mukhi i purchased from rudraksha ratna was filled with lead. they always talking big ... the truth is out. they make fake and lead filled beads. so much for their manipulation in the market as the family who know a lot on rudrakshas. i realise they are not experts as they impose to be. be aware of such manipulators and marketing frauds. johny
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