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  1. My name is abhishek.I am presently undergoing mahadasha of venus, if i am not wrong( please comfirm).I would like to ask you question regarding my career as it seems like life has stopped for me as i am not getting a job. I have done electrical engineering, after that i went for computer's programming course. now i am looking for a programming job. Does this job suits me astrologically, if not then which one is suitable job for my career.should i wear pukhraj in my right hand or left as someone told me that for unemployed, pukhraj should be wore in left hand.Also i would like to know whether if i can go abroad for MBA or job, if yes then when and in which field. Please tell some remedies.I am wearing pearl in left hand and pukhraj in right hand. What are my weak planets and planets which are doing me harm ? HOw can i pacify them ? I would love to hear a comment from anyone interested in reading my chart. My birth details are as under:- D.O.B: 20/12/1985 Time: 10:57 pm Place: Nalagarh( Latitude: 31.05, Longitude:76.716667)
  2. hello sir, I am abhishek sharma TIME OF BIRTH: 10:57 pm DATE OF BIRTH: 20 dec-1985 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY.: nalagarh (himachal pradesh) SEX : male Your current status : unemployed Educational background: b.tech in electrical Work Industry and current salary.: 0 Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember got merit in NITAT many obstacles r coming in my path of success due to which none of my work is fully completed.for eg. in one of the semester i didnt got the result of semester.now still waiting for a job or an MBA. unsuccessful in every work, Family background Father : public sector( bank) Mother : house wive Sisters : elder, working in an international firm I want to know if i can go abroad for MBA if yes then what's the good time for going abroad. Also in which field should i go for MBA- IT or Marketing.Tell any upayas or gems if needed. Email id: abhichin@gmail.com thanks and regards abhishek
  3. Name: abhishek sharma Date of birth:20th december 1985 Time of birth:10:57pm Place of birth:nalagarh("himachal pradesh) Country:India I would like to know about my future related to my job and MBA.i have been trying but not getting a job. can u tell me any upayas so that i can get a good job .Secondly i want to know in which field should i go for MBA and should i go for MBA in india or is it suitable for me to go abroad.plz tell me any upayas or gems 2 wear as well. thanks in advance. plz reply at abhichin@gmail.com
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