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  1. Dear Community I am working on a research project that involves advanced Meditation practices. I am planning to record the Energy Fields/waves of a meditation guru who has opened all Seven Chakras. In brief, what I am trying to do is get in touch with a person who has opened all his seven chakras and feels the nectar flowing down his throat. I would appreciate if any of you can point me to such a guru who is willing to spend couple of hours. Thanks again!
  2. Hi I got the below Phone Number but could not reach them. Can anybody help of how I can connect to this number from USA?. Appreciate your help. Vashistar. C. POOSAMUTHU Nadi Navalar
  3. Tried Calling the above number but it does'nt connect. Any idea what the latest number is? Thanks DWales
  4. Abhi Your help is much appreciated. Will let you know once i get in touch with them DWales
  5. Hello All I am interested in Nadi reading and would appreciate if anybody help me with the following: 1. Poosamuthu family in Vaideeshwaran Kovil 2. How to get Nadi reading from the above family. 3. Are there any websites or contacts/email that I can contact them. I cannot be physically there, so any help is much appreciated. Thanks DWales
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