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  1. Thank you Nikhilji In USA, State of Birth: Missouri, City of birth: Kansas City I know it's confuzing cuz Missouri and Kansas are both states, and both states have a city named Kansas City. But I was born in the one in Missouri. My moon is in Kanya - U.Phalguni. Scorpio lagna. Thank you.
  2. Gurujis, I am in 1st jamna sade sati and need remedies please. It is urgent. My birth details are: 24 April 1972 2130 hours with daylight savings time Kansas City, Missouri, USA My sade sati began summer 07 and shortly after that my father became ill. He is better, but won't be his old self again, was diagnosed with strokes in brain. I also recently lost a beloved pet of 11 years to a suspected brain tumor, an elderly male again. I am deeply worried and wish to appease the grahas. Please advise. In deepest gratitude, PinkyG eta.... I am also still in Rahu Mahadasha and moving late next year to Guru Mahadasha, am esp. worried cuz it's my understanding that Guru is malefic in my chart as well as approaching a guru return. I am having troubles all around in my life.
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