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    Thanks for asking this question. First of all, the purpose behind offering the flowers is important. Most people when doing pooja like to decorate with flowers and others like to offer the flower itself to bhagwan because the flower is pretty and the sent is pleasing. Now I know what I am about to say may seem a little extreme to some, but another way of looking at offering the flowers is like sacrificing the flowers so now the distinction is between violence and non-violence. It is the offering of a part of a plant to please another. And the question comes, what right do we have to offer something that does not belong to us in order to please another? The plant is also a living being, and we are naturally doing harm to it by plucking the flower. Now if our intent was different and maybe using the plant for medicine then we are more justified as our purpose is greater than decoration or to please someone. But even then we are creating some negative (bad) karma just not as to the same degree. So my advice is that first of all don’t use the flowers unless you have a justified reason and even then ask the plant for the flower first and then take the flower and in return give the plant water or fertilizer in exchange. So if we really think about it our intent here is to seek Divine help, and the Divine will naturally not appreciate such acts as we are harming another in order to help ourselves.


    I hope I have answered your question, but if you need any further clarification or have more questions I would be more than happy to answer them if I can.


    very intersting and apt explaination.....i agree with u ...non-violence shd start from small ,day to day activites.....!

    Thanks a lot!




    It is mainly due to 8th lord (death) Budha in 7th house for marriage problems. As I mentioned earlier you are running Saturn subperiod in Budh mahadasa and Saturn is the 12 th lord also in addition to lagna lord.


    Worship lord Vishnu (no flowers).


    Be vegetarian if you are already not so.

    Donation on Saturdays to needy people may be very helpful (clothes, umbrella, shoes that are not of leather…).


    Also, recycle the material as much as you can may also help you.

    Hope it helps.



    thank u very very very much webyogiji....ur answers always give me moral streangth after a disastrous married life!




    Your lagnesh, Saturn, and yogakaraka, Venus, are both in the 8th house (death and destruction). Moreover, Venus is very weak (neecha). 8th lord, Mercury, is sitting in 7th house (marriage). Saturn is aspecting Moon so your mental peace is of concern. Also you are going through Mercury (8th lord) Mahadasa. So you may try following:


    1) Fast on Saturdays

    2) Do Shani Bhagwan pooja everyday (at least on Saturdays)

    3) No need to wear neelam or heera at this time

    4) You may wear ruby if you are interested in marriage

    5) Donate clothes, shoes, metal, food to needy especially on Saturdays (continuously for 8 weeks is recommended). More weeks if you want.





    Thank you very very very much for the quick reply.

    Every day I am praying shani god from outside the temple itself.

    Will make it a point to do puja.

    But sir i am scared of venus being in house of death and destruction!

    Any remedies for the same?

    And when will be the best time to travel onsite.Shd i do sometiming to speedup the chances...?

    Thanks a lot for taking time to reply to me.



  4. Namaste,

    I am facing lots of issues in my personal life, my marriage broke in 3 months.

    Lots of turmoil .no mental peace.

    In occupation also its going so-so.

    I got onsite opprtunities lots of times, but cancelled in last minute.


    DOB 18-8-81 7.08 pm

    Place harihar karnataka.


    Should I wear any stones?or any other remedy?

    People say its because of wrong place of venus [which is for love,money etc]

    I am sacred ...plz hel me!



    Thanks a loooooooooot in advance

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