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  1. I have a suggestion. I dont claim it to be the best but I pray things work well for you. increase intake of cardamom in forms of tea or sweets etc like u can whenever u have tea it helps if it is elachi tea (cardamom). Avoid things that add heat like ginger. I sincerely wish you good luck. God be with you give you strength and believe that this too shall pass.
  2. Hari Om. Request you please advise your comments and views on my details. Time of birth: 00:25 am date of birth: 28 October 1975 place of birth: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Im a Woman Thank you for your kind consideration in advance.
  3. Hari om. Im born under the pukhya nakshatra and fortunately/unfortunately my parents were not advised about the gau-daan. Im now married and would like to know if there is anything at all that can be done to improve the ill effects on lunar cycles. It is most horrific, painful nightmare I have to undergo. I always faint and sweat profusly. I take medication but would like to explore the Hindu scientific possibilities. Thank you.
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