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  1. Priitaa this is no big thing, when you get on a 747 is it a plane, is it real? Denying mans walk on the moon is so nonsense. Watch the Video "It is blind faith that puts man in darkness, a religious superstitious darkness that will only lead to a 'dark ages' period of human existence where the Catholic Chuch contolled Europe with the 'fear of God" Sir Rod The above is not true. Srila Prabhupada once said in 1972, that if they did go to the moon, they could not enter the Heavenly astmoshere their and all they would see was a lifeless world of rocks with their gross material bodies and mundane technological instruments
  2. When we try to steal God's glory for ourselves, these things happen, and we are held up for the world to laugh at. Their false-egos have made fools of them all before the world. Yes I agree, frankly I just ignore them, don't even acknowledge their existence. Due to their naive polluted materially contaminated tradition in Puri, they see and think what they want to see and believe. For hundreds of years the Puri Priests have seen Lord Jagannath as Indian or Hindu and not 'The Lord of the Universe' which includes Englismen, Americans, Europeans, Russians Africans, Chinese, South East Asians, Soth Americans and Candians However unfortunately, there are even some ISKCON devotees that are also like this, who are also proud and self rightious like this (especially Down Under), who are so affraid of the many karmi polluted so called devotees who follow Narayana and Govinda Maharaj's version of Vaishnavism. Such people have no idea what a REAL humble caring devotee of Lord Caitanya is. Presently, we are in a typical primitive pioneering backward selfish mundane Spiritual culture, it is therefore a good thing puri managers have acknowledged ISKCON because their barbaric dispay of violence only bringS ISKCON into everyones lounge room via Newspapers and TV in INDIA. In time the real mature Spiritually advanced ISKCON of Srila Prabhupada, that presently we are a long, long way from, due to immaturity and the pollution of materialism among present day sannyais and gurus, will manifest eventualy as genuine prideless selfless devotees. Soon, genuine Vaisgnavas will shine through the present primitive troublesome, juvenile, adolescent version of ISKCON in 2008. So how will we know? Great devotees who are lined up waiting for the right krsna conscious moment in time, will take birth when they feel safe in proper non materialistic non judgemental selfless REAL devotee families and as children, they will NOT go to karmi schools but will PREACH to EVERYONE, even to the most fallen of fallen. </o:p><o:p></o:p> <o:p>Our only friend is the Spiritual Master and Krsna in the heart. His real dedicated devotees, who really only want to save EVERYONE on this planet, are very rare.</o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p>Those non-judgemental non-materialistic devotees, who don't foolishly send their kids to the slaughterhouse karmi schools, are the only devotees one should seek out for assocation.</o:p>
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