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  1. Hi My date of Birth is 9th October 1982 place is kolkata and time of birth is 18:20 hours I have Mesha Lagna and Mithun Rashi with Adira Nakshatra pada 3... I have Rahu and Moon in Mithun in Adra pada 3 I have Mercury ® , sun, And Venus in virgo... I have Saturn and Jupiter in Libra Mars in Scorpio And Ketu in 9th house.... Well I would like to know anything that u would like to tell mee
  2. Hi i am of mesha lagna and with saturn in libra in all or most of my sub divisonal charts...is there any effect for the place ment of exhalded saturn in all charts in libra more over I have sun venus and mercury (retrogate) in virgo in my birth chart...... Now what i want to ask is ...due to this neech bhanga raj yoga of mercury and venue (if there is one) will i get any good prospect in carrier life? And my lord of 5th house is sun...and sadly my love life has been in a mess.is it due to the effect of sun or due to the effect of venus
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