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  1. Is there any presence of daridra yoga in the above horoscope? And is the malavya yoga strong enough to give her happiness?
  2. Thankyou ayush.. She went to foreign land in Aug 2007. But ever since December, it has been a very bad time for her.. She did not get a proper job, nor is she doing very well in studies, though she has always been a topper. I would also like to know if her marriage will be a love or arranged marriage? And when is the most likely time when she will get a job? And will she be able to complete her education by this December?
  3. Hi all, My daughter was born on 5th november 1985, time: 6:30 a.m at chennai. How wil her marriage life be? Will it be a love or arranged marriage? when will she get a job, and what kind of profession will she be in? She is facing a lot of difficulties from last one year in a foreign land. IS there any presence of daridra yoga in her horoscope? If so, please tell some remedies for it? Also is the venus in 1st house combusted due to the presence of sun? Please reply at the earliest
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